If someone was well-known in the past, it may have been because they had achieved something significant or it may have been the result of a crime they had committed. In today’s world, this has all changed and one no longer needs to have done either.

This was something Andy Warhol alluded to in 1968 when he said: ‘’In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.’’ While he didn’t say how this would take place, the fact that everyone would be world-famous for 15 minutes created the impression that it would be a lot easier.

So while it may have been a mystery as to how this would happen all those years ago, it is no longer a mystery. One of the primary reasons why it is a lot easier to be famous is due to the internet.


If one lived in the middle of nowhere and there was no one around to notice what they were doing, there wouldn’t be much chance of them becoming famous. It won’t matter whether they are doing something very few people can do or if they are committing a crime.

This is not to say it will always be this way; as there could come a time where someone finds out about what is taking place and shares it with other people. But for as long as things stay the same, one’s status in the world won’t change.

The Internet

However, when it comes to the internet, one can be in the middle of nowhere and it still won’t matter. Ultimately, it won’t matter where in the world they are as the internet will give them the exposure they need.

One no longer needs to be in the paper or on TV and this means they have far more control. This could mean that one has their 15 minutes of fame, or it could be something that lasts a lot longer.


While one may have had the intention to be famous, it could also be something that occurs indirectly. It is then not that they had the need to be known by others, but that it was simply a by-product of what they were doing.

If one had the intention to be famous, it may mean that they are not making a significant contribution to the world. Whereas, if one didn’t have the need to famous, it could mean that they are making a difference.


However, even though one’s intention was to be famous, it doesn’t mean they are not having a positive effect on others. Their need to be famous is then being balanced out by the effect they are having in other people’s lives.

Yet, due to how easy it is to be famous in today’s world, it has made it easier for someone to be famous for no apparent reason. The position they are in is therefore not the result of a crime they have committed and neither is it the result of something they have contributed to the world.

Two Parts

While it would be easy to focus on the people who are famous for no apparent reason, if it wasn’t for the people who support them, they wouldn’t be where they are. What this shows is that it is not just about the people who are famous; it is also about the people who elevated them in the first place and the ones who are allowing them to maintain their current position.

One reason why they are supporting them could be because they are receiving the kind of attention they desire. One has then identified with them and it won’t matter what the other person is doing; as the fact they are in the limelight is more than enough.


This could mean that one feels ignored and as though they are not receiving the kind of attention that they need. Being famous is then seen as the answer to their problems and as something that will allow them to feel important.

But as people are connected in more ways than they were before, it might be hard to comprehend why someone would feel this way. Yet, talking to someone over a screen is not the same as talking to them in person.

Another Factor

One may have started to feel ignored as an adult or they may have felt this way since their childhood. This could have been a time where one’s developmental needs were rarely, if ever, met.

And although it is not possible for one to have these unmet childhood needs met as an adult, it doesn’t mean they won’t try to have them met. One approach is for one to do everything they can do be famous and for them to fulfil these needs through the attention they receive from strangers.

The Illusion

The pain that has been created through being ignored will give them the motivation they need to do everything they can to be famous. They might believe that this will enable them to feel important and for them to put their past behind them.

But while they will receive attention, it won’t always be the kind of attention that they want to receive and it won’t change how they feel at a deeper level. What it may do is push how they feel out of their awareness, but it won’t do much else.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

If one is unable to maintain the level of fame that they desire, they will soon return to how they felt before. And even if they are able to maintain the position they have attained, there will come a time when it will all come to an end.

This will mean that all the feelings they have tried to run away from by being famous will return. One will also have to come to terms with the fact that the approval they receive from others is not unconditional (which is what they are looking for); it will continue for as long as one plays a certain role or until someone else comes along.


If one wants to let go of the need to be famous, they will need to grieve their unmet childhood needs and to be affirmed for who they are. It will also be important for them to develop relationships that are affirming.

One’s unmet childhood needs can grieved with the assistance of a therapist, healer and/or a support group and they can also be affirmed through this process. As these unmet childhood needs are grieved, one will start to feel different and the people they attract will also change.

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