Masks for eyelashes give a look of volume, but not all women achieve the desired depth, and that is when we must consider the options that the world of beauty gives you, have you ever thought about using false eyelashes?

Sometimes the lashes we have do not help and we want a makeup that highlights our eyes and gives them depth, and here we use false eyelashes as one of the best makeup tricks. And here we will give you all the necessary tricks that you must know to know how to use false eyelashes.

Learn how to apply false eyelashes step by step
If this is your case and you do not know how to use false eyelashes, do not worry, in this post we are going to teach you the survival guide to put on artificial eyelashes, for those special occasions in which we want to look perfect.

Get hold of lashes and a curling iron
Once you have your lashes in your beauty kit, to start, remove them from their packaging with great care, you can help yourself with an eyebrow tweezer, if when they are removed they lose part of the curvature, round them by pressing them gently with the yolk of the fingers. If you like to use the eyelash curler to lift them, then this is the ideal time, lift your lashes, so that they can fit well with the false eyelashes.

Measure tabs
Very carefully place the false eyelashes over the natural ones, so that you can check how they fit in size and if it is going to be necessary to trim them a little, you should take into account that the shorter lashes go in the area of ​​the tear and that the lashes Longer should coincide with the end of the eye, everything that protrudes from the natural line of your eyelashes, you must cut with a scissor.

You should clean your eyelids very well and remove makeup from your eyes, and be sure to remove all traces of mascara.

Apply glue
Hold the amazing lashes very carefully and apply glue throughout the strip, emphasizing the beginning and the end so that they can be fixed correctly on the eyelid. You can hold the eyelashes with tweezers or with your fingers, whichever is most comfortable for you. You must let the glue dry so that it settles, with about 20-30 seconds it will be enough for it to take on texture, if you put on your lashes immediately after placing the glue, the strip will not fix and it will move constantly and you will be damaged.

Place the false eyelashes

The difficult part is here, place the lash strip by adjusting the center part first and then head towards the ends, if it is easier for you, you can rest the lash strip on your natural lashes until you manage to accommodate them. Try to stick as much as you can to the natural line of your eyelashes since if you leave too high the hairpiece it will be too evident that they are false. In the same way, leave a few millimeters to distance it from the tear so that the hairpiece does not bother you when opening and closing your eye. Once you are able to position them in the proper position, lift the false eyelashes a little with gentle movements of the fingers so that they open over the eye.

Integrate false eyelashes
You must integrate the hairpiece with your natural eyelashes by tapping it lightly with a stick, with tweezers or with your fingers. Then apply a bit of mascara on your natural lashes so that they fit the false ones and they do not differentiate which is which. This will give you the desired thickness and a professional finish.

Line the eyelids
To hide the lash strip, apply an eyeliner over the lash lines. This will help to conceal any possible glue stains that may have remained.

Now you are ready to show off your beautiful eyes with the depth that you wanted so much, enjoy your new eyelashes and impact others with your looks.

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