99% of the human population never fall in love with someone unless they know that he is reachable and attainable. Why do you think people (most of them) don’t fall in love with the celebrities they see on the television? Surely those celebrities meet the subconscious criteria of many people, so why don’t they fall for them? Why don’t we fall for our soul mates when we see them on the television?

If you've always thought that your heart is the part responsible for falling in love then you are going to face a dilemma trying to answer this question. The truth is that it's your mind that really controls the process of falling in love. When your mind realizes that someone is inaccessible or unreachable, it may remove him from your list of potential partners, even if he met all of your subconscious criteria.

Consequently, if that person feels you're out of his reach he may not fall in love with you.

This means that unless the person believes that you are reachable he won’t consider you a potential partner except for few people who fall in love with almost everyone they meet including celebrities.

Being a potential partner isn’t about being physically reachable as much as it's about being psychologically available and reachable. It's the psychological barriers that stop people from being attached to others. For example, a shy person, or a person who isn’t really confident might not fall for the popular girl in school or college if she seemed to be arrogant or distant.

This façade of arrogance or unavailability will send signals to such a shy person that will discourage him and turn him away. This shy person wouldn't consider this girl a potential partner simply because, to him, she's unreachable.

So in order for you to succeed to make a specific person fall for you, you have to show him that you are 100% reachable. Never confuse this with showing the person that you are interested in him because as you will see later in the book telling someone that you are interested in him directly without elevating your total score first might be the biggest turn off for him.

As soon as you make someone believe that you are reachable he will start to see whether you match his subconscious criteria or not. If you managed to match that person’s subconscious criteria while showing him that you are reachable then certainly he will become attracted to you.

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