The habit of reading books is the only habit that most popular individuals have in common. It doesn't mean that reading a book is a condition for achievement, and it definitely doesn't guarantee anything. Yet the more non-fictional books you read, the more your thinking range widens and extends. You become more exposed to new knowledge and facts that you would not have been aware of before, and as a result, the ability to objectively examine and process circumstances and new information grow significantly. Much of the time, our views and beliefs on most things are influenced by the prevailing value system we have grown up in or are a member of.


We are taught and told these facts from a young age, which we believeat face value without checking whether or not they are valid. And, we prefer to assume, consciously or unknowingly, that what we believe is correct. You are blessed to have learned too many things without actually having read the books on your own if anyone makes you really see and understand the other side of the coin and the things behind the curtain. No, not everyone is so fortunate; nor does everyone have too much time and resources to spend in studying something that has already been achieved by the various writers of different books to deliver a masterpiece in the form of a book before you. The book is the product of years of toil, experience, and comprehensive research. That's why, in a period of at least two or three years, you'd see most of the best-selling writers of non-fiction books writing their next novel.


Consider this for a moment: isn't it interesting to read anything that someone has spent years collecting in the form of a book in such a brief amount of time? Those 200-300 hundred pages would take you to complete a day or two or even more, but it would be just unprecedented to feel the sense of enrichment you would experience after reading a very thought-provoking and insightful novel. If you enter a book with the intention to understand more than you already do, you will eventually come to understand the seemingly monotonous nature of reading. The more you read, the more your conclusions will be put into question. And the more you can cause a spark to consider and ponder several topics inside you.


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As a reader, you want to dive right into the world of science but that is a bit tricky. Understandably, you do not have the time to spend reading an entire book that can range from 400 pages to 800 pages. In today's world, we do not have that kind of time. Our lives have become so hectic and taxing that all we want is to fall asleep in our bed by the end of the day. A slate is nothing but the same dense and lengthy book in a succinct way with a reading time of around 15 minutes. Imagine being able to go through an entire book's ideas and messages in the same period as you finish brewing the tea in the morning!


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