In a new set of Visa rules UK has made provisions to return the arrivals even from the border if they do not satisfy the criteria.

According to the changes international students will not be able to make their dependents accompany them. They can do so only if they get enrolled into a minimum of 12 months Course or a postgraduate course.

An applicant has to come for a “personal interview” to get the clearance. Also the knowledge of English is compulsory to meet the criteria. The officials at the border reserve the rights to return back the student applicants they find not suitable enough to enter the nation.

Damian Green, Immigration Minister says, “The message to bogus students is clear. We’ll spot you and stop you coming. We’re no longer a soft touch. ”

Every year about 300,000 students come to UK to earn a higher degree.

Senior Education Figures in UK warn the officials about the Universities losing upon great funds by not allowing the students to come to UK.

About 70 representatives including the chancellors, governors and university presidents have written a letter to David Cameron stating that “any would lead to foreign students moving to other countries.” This would make the country lose upon great billions affecting the economy adversely.

Professor Eric Thomas has urged the Government to treat the international students as “temporary” rather than permanent immigrants.

In a letter to David Cameron people have informed that the country earns about billions of money out of these students. The nation attracts one in every ten foreign students.

Liberal Democrat Leader Menzies Campbell, Chancellor of St. Andrews University has also signed the letter sent to Cameron.

The Chancellors of University of Hull, University of Huddersfield have also joined in the signing of letter.

According to a report there were more than 400,000 foreign students in the UK Universities making 14% of the fulltime degree.

Professor Thomas expressed, “The Nation seems to be telling the world that we don’t welcome international students, while other countries are moving in a different direction of attracting these students.”

He suggests the Government not to include the international students from the list of “net migration statistics”.

In a response, Immigration Minister says, “There is no limit set on the number of foreign students and the recent visa changes will not stop the foreign students coming to our Nation.”

Professor Thomas explains that the universities would face a decrease in the number of overseas admissions.

He adds, “Removing international students from migration statistics would send positive signals to the world.”

Immigration Minister is quite determined to bring down the statistics at any cost. He strongly believes that the changes have been made keeping a lot many factors in view. The students coming and staying in UK for more than a year cannot consider as visitors. The nation has to provide all basic facilities to them for allowing them live in a good condition.

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