A handbag is a priority item in most women’s wardrobe, and a designer handbag would be their pride and joy. With the widespread use of the world wide web, online stores have the ability to deliver a Chanel bag to your doorstep within 3 to 4 days. The problem could be that the Chanel handbag you have ordered from the online store might turn out to be a fake product.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open
Having paid a good deal of money for, what you thought was a genuine Chanel handbag, it is downright criminal that what you get is a counterfeit item. The problem you may face is that many of these online stores do not have a return policy, which makes it impossible to get your money back. Following some basic rules when shopping online for any designer bags can ensure that you are not fooled. Buying directly from a Chanel boutique or an authorized Chanel retailer such as big stores like, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue will ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Buying from these authorized dealers will also ensure that the best craftsmanship and materials were used in the production of the bag.

1. Make it a point to visit the official Chanel website for the product that you wish to purchase. Having an idea what genuine Chanel handbags looks like will be the first step in countering replica Chanel items.
2. The craftsmanship used in the manufacture of the handbag, lining, seams, the stitching etc. should be flawless.
3. Leather used in making the handbag should be of a superior quality, soft and flexible, which helps in making them long lasting and durable. Most of the duplicate bags are usually made from cheap leather or leather-like material.
4. The stitching is small, even, straight, and of a matching color; contrast stitching is a clue that the item is a fake.
5. A certificate of authenticity comes with most items from the House of Chanel in the form of a metal tag with the serial number of the product engraved on it.

Final Thoughts

The biggest worry for many online customers is the fear that they will be sent a Chanel replica after having spent a considerable amount of their money. Making use of the above-mentioned tips could in some way reassure you that you are being a conscientious buyer and not being duped.

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