When one places their attention on achieving something or just on whether something can be done or not, their mind is going to have plenty to say. It could be fairly subtle in its response or it could end up being overwhelming.

So the mind could come up with a few reasons as to why something cannot be done, why something won’t happen and a host of others things. If these are fairly moderate, one might be able to move forward and do what they want do to.

But if these reasons are overpowering and completely consume someone’s attention, then it might mean that they don’t go any further. Their plans are then abandoned and their dreams are forgotten about.

This could be a temporary choice and before long, one might start to wonder about what would be like for them to have or experience what it is they want.


So the mind can be full of doubt and this can cause one to turn their back on something they yearn for. Although one can have the desire or the need to have something, the mind can have all the reasons under the sun as to why this is not possible.

And the thing about the mind is that it is highly convincing. What it comes up with can easily be taken as the truth and how reality is. That is as far as it goes as far the mind is concerned; what it says is not open to debate, it is the absolute truth.

The prison

This is why the mind is often described as a prison. And if one has been caught up in what the mind says all their life, they might not even know that they can leave this prison. What they can end up doing is looking for freedom externally.

But while this is only natural, if one doesn’t feel free on the inside, it is going to be difficult to experience it on the outside. It might be possible to experience it for a while, but it won’t last for very long.

One is ultimately running away from themselves, and they won’t get very far. And yet when their mind is against them and is hindering them instead of assisting them, there might not seem to be an alternative.

Out Of The Mind

This could cause one to look for answers and to try to understand why their mind is like it is. With them having the intention of changing how their mind is or finding something else to aid them.

What they will find out is that their mind can be changed and instead of it being against them, it can work with them. So one can use certain techniques, form new habits and retrain their mind.


Because while the mind is completely convinced about what it believes, what is believes can have very little to do with reality itself. These are just interpretations that the mind has formed. Similar to how one can take a picture of a landscape and yet that picture is not the landscape itself.

Hundreds of picture could be taken of this landscape, all with different angles and yet there is still just one landscape. The mind can create all kinds of meanings and these meanings can have very little basis in reality.

But while the mind is a meaning making machine, the meaning that is creates will be seen as the absolute meaning. These meanings could be what empower someone or they could be what disempower someone.

Beyond The Meanings

Upon the understanding that these meanings are in fact not the truth and that what one’s mind is coming up with in relation achieving or experiencing something is also false, one might think that their mind is liar. The trouble is that while the mind is liar, it is very convincing.

Developing one’s mind is one option and yet there is another option. This involves one leaving their mind and dropping into another area of their body from time to time.

The Heart

The mind can be heavy and a stressful place to live, especially if ones awareness is always there and one has all kinds of chatter taking place. However, the heart is very different experience and one is unlikely to feel trapped there.

That is unless they have an emotional build up that’s needs releasing for instance. More or less anything is possible as far as the heart is concerned. It just believes and it doesn’t matter if there is a reason to or not.


Another way to describe the heart would be to say that it runs on faith and a deep knowing. It is completely open to life and if the mind is the prison, the heart is what it’s like to be outside of the prison.

The mind can doubt the heart and come to the conclusion that it is dreaming or ignoring reality. And as the head is fixed and is not open to change, this is only natural. It needs to see before it will believe, whereas the heart will believe without the need to see anything. When it comes to the heart, there are no preconceived ideas. The heart is in the moment and head is either in the past or looking to the future.

No evidence is needed by the heart and this can be a great asset. If one holds their vision and keeps going, they are likely to get closer to what they seek. And as this happens, the mind will gradually start to relax and get on board.


The hearts power is always there and yet one can be cut off from it. To get back in touch with ones heart might take practice. If one has trapped emotions in their body, they might find that they can’t stay there and connect to their heart. If this is the case, the assistance of a therapist or a healer might be necessary to help one release them.

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