~~ FAITH ~~
The Most Powerful Force
An Overview
By E Aquarian

As human beings, most of us have come to realize that there is definitely more going on than meets the eye - on our little planet. Most people will tell you that they have experienced something in their lives that could not be explained by physical or scientific law. This is one of the great dilemmas facing most atheists. There are just too many "coincidences, flukes, synergisms or whatever" - that can't be explained by rational thought or science.

During the course of our history, we have evolved many different ways to try to explain these experiences and phenomena. Early man dabbled in all manner of mysticism, beliefs, magic, voodoo, etc., and - of course - many used those experiences to serve their own power or greed. The majority of WoManKind still practices variations on those themes today (including the power trips).

Partially because of all the experimentation and partially because it is true . . . many people have learned that "Faith" is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. One who has confidence can do just about anything. When one puts that trust in something outside of the self (outside of their own ego), then that faith literally seems to know no bounds.

Many people today toy with the concept that we create our own reality - with varying degrees of success (depending on many different factors, including their understanding of the concept and the degree of faith they are able to manifest). Some scientists have even begun to apply the theories of quantum physics to our daily lives to try to help explain some of the anomalies. Extreme new theories have evolved, such as parallel universes, multi-verses and other explanations of experiencing, feeling or knowing things that are outside of the realms of space, time and matter that we have come to understand. These theories make some people more comfortable within their own existence while driving others deeper into their particular faith.

Many different Religions have come into being in order to fulfill the need that some people have for a more constant or reliable place to put their faith. Religions have come to serve as one of the basic foundations of the faith of vast numbers of people and they have come to define the doctrines of those people.

On our Soul Growth.org site, we acknowledge every religion, cult or sect. We believe that people can do whatever they want to . . . as long as they are KIND ! We encourage all to respect the faith of others and to share their own beliefs, values, and the practices of their faith or religion - without trying to force them on others.

Knowing one's own religion in depth - and studying the basic tenets of the faiths of others - help us to respect and understand each other better. We share - after all - one small, increasingly crowded planet. And we are undeniably one race, one Sister/BrotherHood - no matter WHAT we think.

I AM YOU . . .



Author's Bio: 

E Aquarian got his name in The Source Family in 1974 - named by his Spiritual Father, Father Yod.

He conceived of the SOUL GROWTH concept after taking a class from David Riklan and founded SoulGrowth.org - The On-Line Portal for All Spiritual Paths and MuseList.org - Free Classified Ads for the Spiritually Aware.

E WROTE: I was born in 1945, graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1968 and then began my journey to find something “Better and higher”. I found my Spiritual Father – Father Yod (later, Ya Ho Wha) in early 1974. He set me on "The Path" to Soul Growth. I have been married to Harvest Moon (also a Member of the Source Family) since 1977, we are still in love and have raised 3 awesome young men and welcomed our first granddaughter in early 2009.

My GOAL is "Enlightenment".