When faced with apparent financial lack, it is essential that you look beyond the appearance and see with your mind and heart, the abundance of God. This is what Jesus did when He multiplied the loaves and fishes and fed over 5,000 hungry people. Rather than focus on a few loaves of bread and fish, He lifted His vision to the omnipresent substance of God. Unifying His consciousness with this resulted in more than enough to take care of things so that there was plenty left over.

The Law of Attraction works when you do the same. Of course, the Law of Attraction works both ways, but is much more desirable when you work it so that there is abundance manifesting for you.

When appearances say, "not enough", it is time for you to lift your vision. It is the time to affirm and to know the Truth: God in you is both the Giver and the Gift. Let go of all fear. Choose which you will serve, fear or Faith. Fear compounds apparent lack while Faith dissolves it and brings forth what you desire, and much more.

Remember that God wants you to live prosperously. When you focus your faith on God, and His rich supply, you open the way for His abundance to pour more freely into your life.

Use the following Prosperity Prayer:
In faith, I believe that God is now prospering me richly and abundantly in every good way. - Lovingly, Rev. John

The Magic Box - Part Two

The Law of Supply is no respecter of persons. Since like produces like and since the Law of Cause and Effect [Law of Attraction] works in the same way for all persons at all times, anybody who follows the Law will infallibly demonstrate abundant supply.

At the moment you may be disappointed, discouraged, depressed and experiencing financial lack. You may not be aware of which way to turn, however, if you will begin to apply these principles and do things in accordance with the Law, your whole situation will begin to improve. Bank on it! If you need friends, you'll find them; if you need money, it will come; if you are in the wrong position, the right one will come to you. You can begin right where you are to do things that bring success.

What is the way that works miracles in human life? It is the way of Consciousness. This is because Consciousness is your life, the Creative Life of God. It is what you have, where you are, how you work. It is your actions and what comes to you. It is what leaves you, the kind of friends and opportunities you attract, and the kind of problems you experience. Life is a state of Consciousness that includes every possibility. The way out of lack conditions is through a change in Consciousness. When you change that, results automatically change.

Emmet Fox said: "The word is creative, and the strongest and most creative word is 'I AM.' Whenever you say 'I AM', you are calling upon the Universe to do something for you, and it will do it." The trick is to attach your 'I AM' to prospering ideas such as: I AM Prosperity, I AM Happy, Healthy and Rich now! When you do, you have discovered the secret of The Magic Box. - Adapted from: "You, Too, Can Be Prosperous" - Robert A. Russell

Prosperity Power Affirmations
I am not dismayed. God is all, and there is no other.
God guides, keeps, holds, and loves me, and all is well.
I am surrounded by All-Good.
I am embraced by All-Good. All around me, in me
and through me, is the Love that will never let me go.
(From: "Positive Prayer" by Rev. John)

Author's Bio: 

Rev. John W. Adams is a Unity Minister, ordained in June, 1966 by Lowell Fillmore, son of the founders of Unity School of Christianity, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Rev. John has dedicated his life to empowering people to live life lovingly, positively, and prosperously as God intends. Through his writings and teachings, and his prayer ministry, he has kept true to this purpose. He is the founder and director of Golden Key Ministry-Unity, a worldwide healing prayer ministry by mail and the Internet, established in 1974. Rev. John is the author of eleven self-help and prosperity print books, including "Positive Prayer", plus seven e-books. Be sure and visit our bookstore - http://www.goldenkeyministry.com/bookshelf