Although some of this information may sound like more speculation than fact, this is the reality of the smoking cessation market inside of the United States of America. Recently, the drug Chantix, which is an FDA approved smoking cessation drug which is reduced by large pharmaceutical companies has had the FDA forced them to have a black label warning.

The mainstream media touts a black label warning is the strongest warning that the FDA can give to any drug on the market. The reason for this particular black box warning for Chantix is because it causes severe depression, thoughts of suicide, acts of suicide, and makes anyone on this drug a potential threat to themselves and society.

In Southern California in 2008, there have been reports by the media that there have been several dozen accidents committed to the use of Chantix. There have been several deaths and murders committed also credited to this drug that has FDA approval to help people stop smoking. The problem with this whole situation is that even given the track record of Chantix, that the FDA continues to allow the public to be exposed to the dangers of this drug being on the market.

Spokesmen for the FDA that are also medical doctors have stated that even though these drugs are often dangerous that they must weigh the good against the bad since so many Americans have smoking-related illnesses. So to paraphrase what they said, it seems that they are stating that innocent lives can be placed in danger are taken so that they can sell this killer drug. There have been hundreds, maybe even thousands of cases of severe depression and suicide attempts for people were using this drug to try to quit smoking, and yet we know that people who are suicidal or not only a danger to themselves, but everyone around them also.

In 2008, over $800 million worth of Chantix was sold as a smoking cessation market, and yet the FDA keeps them protected and still on the market even with the terrible track record that it currently has. Electronic cigarettes began being marketed inside the United States in 2006.

Electronic cigarettes have no reported trips to the hospital, psychological problems have not been reported for the use of electronic cigarettes and definitely no acts of suicide or car accidents reported to the use of electronic cigarettes as reported for the drug Chantix. The same FDA spokesman and doctors claim that they want to take a look, etc. it's often the market because there is no evidence to support that they are safe and might be a threat to public safety. Yet they have currently approved drugs on the market that have a terrible track record and they refuse to pull these from the market, opting instead, to put a small warning label on them that amounts to the same as the warning label on a pack of cigarettes.

The FDA has given a bunch of flak to the e cigarette market stating that they cannot claim the electronic cigarettes can be used to stop smoking and classifies it as a new drug. Even though electronics cigarettes have been on the market just as long as Chantix, but absent all the side effects, they still continued to attack the electronic cigarette market by seizing shipments as they come into the United States in hopes of causing financial disaster for the ones who are marketing them inside the United States.

These above listed actions by the FDA roots beyond a reasonable doubt that they are sold out to the highest bidder, and it is obvious that the 400,000 American smokers who die each year from the poisons of tobacco cigarettes are not health consideration for the very government organization that is in charge of keeping the population healthy and safe from dangerous profiteers.

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