Diabetes is a very common problem nowadays and it is the condition when the body is either unable to control high blood sugar level because of deficiency of insulin or insulin is not utilized properly. Diabetes can be categorized into three types i.e. Type 1 Diabetes also called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or non–insulin dependent mellitus (NIDDM) also known as adult- onset diabetes, and gestational diabetes. During diabetes, the body has to flush out excess glucose from body causing excessive urge to urinate that leads to persistent thirst and increased hunger.
The diabetes treatment provided by the doctor depends on the type of diabetes a person is suffering from. Besides taking the prescription specified by your doctor, you should stick to a controlled and healthy diet. You need to make few changes in your eating habits and instead of taking 2-3 heavy meals, take smaller meals throughout the day. Avoid diet that contains high sugar level or increase the level of glucose in body like sweets, fats, potatoes, rice, alcohol and avoid smoking as well.
Try to follow a regular exercise routine, as physical activity helps in keeping a check on the glucose levels of the body, thus, helps in controlling diabetes. Always use elevator instead of stair and walk or do jogging to stretch your body for at least 30 minutes a day. Try to reduce stress by practicing yoga. Avoid sleeping during daytime. Make sure your weight is proportionate to your height and for that, one must have to follow a strict diet chart prescribed by the doctor as planned meals always helps in lowering the excessive body fat.
Most of the health problems arise due to increase in stress and busy schedule, which leads to bad eating habits and lack of rest. Everyone knows that heart is the most important part of our body, as it supplies blood to all parts of the body and its proper functioning means a healthy body. Therefore, it is also important that people are aware about the heart facts because prevention is always better than cure. Modern technologies has given us so much power in hands unlike older days, as now we can access all information about any disease along with its treatment.
One of the most common, severe and life-threatening diseases of modern world is Cancer. People affected by this gruesome disease are struggling hard to live and thus, it is necessary to become aware of its causes, treatment and other information on cancer, so that it can be prevented and cured at the right time to increase the survival rate. According to research, there are two groups of cancer, one is caused due to environment, and other is due to hereditary or genetic. The general factor that leads to cancer is due to environmental factor that include tobacco, infection, radiation, lack of physical activity, obesity and environmental pollutants. The American Cancer Society recommends general people to go for cancer screening tests, regularly. Most of the times, people become aware that they have cancer only when it is at peak stage when it becomes very difficult to cure. Chemotherapeutic agents work as magic bullet and prove beneficial to the cancer patients who are at metastasized stage.

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