Probably you freak out whenever you hear about conducting a blood test. The hassle that is involved in the whole process can make you have some negative attitude towards the process. What if we tell you about a safe and efficient alternative process that eliminates all the middlemen? Your views towards the process will definitely change. Online blood test simplifies the whole process of having your blood tested. You won’t need a doctor’s appointment to be tested. You will also not waste your time in the waiting rooms or labs. All you need is to create an account with an online lab, go to the lab and get tested. You will get the results in your email.

Who Should Do Online Blood Test?

Anyone can do an online blood test. As long as you want to know your health status in an easy and efficient manner, you should feel free to carry out the test. You should do the test even if you are feeling healthy or you don't have symptoms with no symptoms of any disease. Some chronic health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes take years before they start revealing themselves. Detecting them while they are at their early stages can help to make arrangements for early treatments.

However, it is not advisable to do the test when you are feeling unwell. The presence of virus and bacteria in the blood can affect the accuracy of the results. Online blood tests can only be done on adults (be at least 18 years old) However, most labs facilitate the test to be carried out on minors under the instructions from parents.

How Online Blood Test Works

The first step choosing a direct-to-consumer service that you want to test your blood. All the websites that are involved in carrying out online blood tests have partnered with labs throughout the country. Once you have created an account on the tester’s website, you can visit its nearest lab and have your blood samples taken. You won’t need to book an appointment.

The sampling process will take up to a maximum of 10 minutes and after that, you will go back to your normal business. You will be able to know the results of the test within 12 hours after the collection of your blood samples. However, it can be longer depending on the type of test that you want. In most labs, you will get the results after 3-5 business days. For the complicated online blood test, it can take up to a week before you get the results.

Where to Get Results

You will get the results of the online blood test in the online account that you created. The lab stores that carry out online blood tests are HIPAA compliant hence they are required to avail the results only in the online account. The results from the online blood tests are quite detailed. In addition to the test values, they also include the reference ranges. Laboratories are also required to indicate any abnormalities regarding the test. In case there are abnormalities, is always advisable to see your doctor immediately.

The results of the online blood test are private and confidential. The lab is not allowed to share both your personal and medical information with any other party, including your healthcare provider.

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