Giving tips to the chauffeurs of private transfer services is a norm that everyone follows. Well, there is no hard and fast thumb rule about the amount that you need to pay, but generally, that varies depending on a few factors.

Here on this page, let us discuss a few factors that you can consider before deciding on the amount of tip that you plan to pay.  Though it is a chauffeur that is really outstanding, you can go for 25% or even more, but before that here are the factors that you need to take into account.

The Punctuality Factor

Gauge the punctuality of the chauffeur. See whether the chauffeur has left you waiting or not. Here it should be noted, whether the cab arrived a bit too early, so much so that the bloke had to wait as you were readying yourself. If so, that is not a mark of professionalism, as that made you hurry and scramble through your dress up. Arrival 10 minutes before the departure time is ideal, going by the book of professionalism. In either of the two cases, they do not deserve a hefty tip. However, in the 3rd scenario, the chauffeur does deserve it.

The Chauffeur Kept on Waiting as You Were Not Ready

It's surely a fault of yours and the chauffeur has to be compensated in the form of a tip. Well, if the contract agreement had a clause that mentioned the requirement to pay extra or waiting, that goes to the company's coffer anyway. However, the chauffeur of the luxury private transfer company in Sydney deserves a tip that should be the bloke’s personal earning.

The Chauffeur Helped to Carry Your Luggage in and Out of the Vehicle

Surely, this is something that needs to be appreciated for this is going some extra miles to ensure your convenience. However, just vocal appreciation is not enough and it may sound a bit naïve. Rather, going for a formidable amount of tips for enjoying this extra privilege will go down as your goodwill. This will matter, in case you are to avail the service once again and more so if you are a regular customer of the service provider.

The Chauffeur Had to Make Unscheduled Stops en Route at Your Request

Surely, it is a great job on the part of the chauffeur. These companies that provide luxury private transfers in and around Sydney CBD are flexible enough to mend their ways to meet your bespoke travel needs and last-minute changes in the itinerary. For that, the company surely gets its dues. However, besides that, the passengers do request the chauffeurs to make unscheduled stops based on impromptu decisions. If the chauffeur obliges, that needs to be appreciated, not just vocally, but financially as well. The tip has to be substantial in that case.

If the chauffeur has done all the above and has gone well beyond the call of duty to make sure you have an as comfortable journey as possible, a generous amount of tip is always a fitting way to appreciate the gesture.

However, what if the opposite had taken place? What if the service of the chauffeur was abysmal? Let us discuss it on some other occasion. Let us hope you get the best service after picking up the right company following an in-depth search.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that offers Luxury Private Transfers in and around Sydney and also an avid blogger.