Like other commodities, massage table has also come up with different styles and qualities, and among all those options, it becomes pretty challenging to choose your desired one. Various websites sell massage tables online, but you must consider several factors before choosing a massage table for your convenience.

The massage table is regarded as the essential piece of equipment for every massage therapist to get their job done. Let's find out some of the significant factors to consider while choosing a massage table-

Weight of the table

The table weight is said to be the most significant and essential factor to be considered by the practitioner, especially for the therapist who works in a mobile location. It is necessary to check the table weight as it is comfortable to unload or load the table working on a mobile site.

Most of the spas and salons used wooden tables, which are of higher weight and require more strength to move from one place to another. The ideal weight for a massage table should be between 25 Lbs to 45 lbs. So if you are looking for a massage table online, you must be considered that table only weighs between 25 lbs to 45 lbs.

Style and quality of the table

It is also essential to consider the fabric from which the massage table has been made. For most therapists, leather is considered the most trusted material for the top covering of the massage table.

The therapist thought of a leather massage table because it is effortless to clean and also very durable. Nowadays, we find various massage tables online made of synthetic leather, so you must investigate before buying one.

Weight capacity

The most crucial factor to consider before buy massage table is its weighing capacity. The weight capacity is said to be the total weight that a massage table can easily hold. It should be according to the importance of your crying to whom you are going to serve.

The ideal massage table has a weight capacity from 400 pounds to 600 pounds, so it is advisable to go for that massage table only, which can hold this amount of weight.

Table width

Along with the weight capacity and the weight of the table, it is also essential to consider the width of the massage table. It is pretty necessary while selecting your ideal massage table. It is advisable to choose your massage table according to the body shape of your clients or choose such a table that will become a perfect choice for people belonging to different body shapes.

You should select such a massage table that provides comfort to your client's hands. The idea of a massage table should be between 30 to 32 inches.

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