When a patient suffers an injury or undergoes a medical treatment that leaves them confined to the bed for most of the day, being on the right air mattress for hospital bed is necessary. It is because if the patient lies on one side for a long duration, the pressure due to body weight may cause bedsores and ulcers in the areas that experience the maximum pressure. Such issues can further deteriorate the patient’s health.

Currently, you may find several types of hospital bed air mattresses, which could confuse you. The main determinants of choosing the mattress are the comfort, its price, the health of the patient, and additional features.

Air mattresses are most suitable for patients who already have bedsores and ulcers as well as those who are more likely to develop them. Some mattresses, like low airflow mattresses, come with a blower that continuously blows air through space in the cover and air cylinders, which keep the temperature and moisture in control. Furthermore, in an air mattress, you can control the air pressure.

You can inflate or deflate the mattress to make it softer and firmer according to the need of a patient. Additionally, a type of medical air mattress, lateral rotation mattress, is designed in such a way that the patient can be gently shifted from one side to another to offer them more comfort and prevent the formation of bedsores. If the patient is completely bedridden, choosing such a mattress would be helpful.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Hospital Bed Air Mattress

● Comfort – The first factor affecting your medical air mattress selection is the comfort it offers. A patient who cannot move around much would need immense support to prevent bedsore, and this is why it is necessary to buy a mattress with quality comfort.

The comfort of a hospital bed air mattress depends on how firm it is. Some patients may feel more comfortable with a firmer mattress that can cradle them while sleeping, whereas other patients may feel satisfied with a softer mattress. The benefit of an air mattress is that you can adjust its firmness as per the requirement of the patient.

● Cost – An essential factor while choosing a mattress is its cost. Air mattresses with additional features come with a heftier price tag while the basic ones are generally economical. Remember, the comfort a mattress offers can have a direct connection to its price. Therefore, you should not refrain from spending extra for additional features and comfort.

● Cleaning requirements – Look for the air mattress that comes with water and stain-resistant covers so that you do not need to clean it frequently.

● Size and quality – A bigger mattress would provide more support to a heavier person while a lighter person may find a smaller mattress comfortable. Moreover, the quality of the mattress also matters, and there should be no air leakage at connections, valve, and air pump areas.

Selecting the best mattress for back pain can be a daunting task. While choosing a mattress, consider the comfort it offers, its size and quality, cleaning requirements it has, and the price.

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