When we plant seeds, we have to provide them with water, fertilizers and sufficient sunlight so that these can grow in a healthy manner. The growth of the plants completely depends upon the nurturing that they get in the initial time. In the same way, the initial years of a child’s life are very important. Education plays a vital role in everyone’s life as it gives us the strength to survive competently in this world. A sound academic career ensured a secured future life.

But there are multiple factors on which the academic life of a student depends. We may not recognize the important of all these factors, but these are as important as water and fertilizer for a plant to grow. Children are very soft, both mentally and physically. Thus they need special care so that they can turn out to be a competent human being. In the nurturing of a child, both parents and teachers share an equal part.

The following are some of the factors that parents and teachers must taken care of while dealing with the children:-
• It is said that we always get influenced by our environment or surroundings. Our parents and family members play a great influence on our character, personality and thought structure. In many cases it’s been noticed that children who don’t have a healthy environment inside the home, often are led to unethical ways. They can easily be influenced by the evil minded people. This also impacts their academic life and as a consequence they suffer in their later life also

• The second important thing is to provide them proper food and nutrition. A proper diet helps us to become mentally and physically fit. Moreover, kids who have a healthy body, also demonstrate good results in their academics. Thus provide them foods that are full of vital nutrients. Try not to give your child fast foods because these sometime create obesity problems to kids
• The relation that children share with their parents is the basic strong point for them. It gives them the strength to fight with any situation. Try to creative a platform where your children can also tell you about their problems and takes you as their friend, philosopher and guide. In such cases, children also feel comfortable to share with you the difficulties that they are facing in their academic life

• The economic status of the family also becomes a prime point while we consider the academic success of students. Poverty takes a toll on students' school performance. Poor children are twice as likely as their more affluent counterparts to repeat a grade; to be suspended, expelled, or drop out of high school; and to be placed in special education classes
• Violence in children's lives can come in many forms. Sometimes it is violence children witness, such as violence between their parents or caregivers, or violence in the communities in which they live. Sometimes children themselves are the victims of violence
Apart from the above mentioned factors, there are many day to day life incidents that can have a direct or indirect impact on your child’s academic life. Being parents, it’s our prime duty to provide an environment and resources to our kids so that they can find the world worth living.

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