There is a vast difference between artificial turf and natural grass.  Artificial grasses are way easier to install rather than natural grasses.  Though, there will be always a debate overwhich of the option is long lasting and easier to care for, butsince the decades, peopleprefer artificial turf than natural grass.  One of the most distinctivereasons for choosing artificial turf is that this kind of turf install doesn't need any mowing, watering or irrigation. The lifespan of artificial synthetic turf is more than natural grasses.

This life expectancy is the reason clients prefer artificial turf in Mandurah.   Apart from choosing this option for landscaping, they want to know how to increase its longevity and keep it intact for the longest time.

Here are few factors discussed thatdetermine why artificial turf could remain in its popularity throughout the decades.

Turf material:

Thickness is a determining factor for choosing synthetic turf.  High quality turf made up of fibre material.  Thus a genuine quality reflects durability and everybody love to get their hands for fulfilling the necessity of best long lasting material.Though, everyoneprefers the artificial turf for its durability at the same time they want to make it look like as natural as possible regarding the quality.

Quality infill for the turf installation:

Infill is a crushed material that is being used over the artificial grass near Mandurah to make it look real and lively simultaneously.  It keeps the turf in excellent condition for the longest time.  Besides, infill provides fire resistance and water resistance to the synthetic turf.  It keeps the turf free from a heating even in summer season.  It is effective to keep it cooler and soothing during hot weather condition. Thus, the life expectancy does not get perturbed even in summer seasons.

Preventive from food traffic impact:

People instal turfs in the front yard or backyard landscaping.  People like to visit there for games or just to have a walk in the evening. Natural grasses are not immune from heavy foot trafficking, but artificialturf remains as it is even after heavy pressure.  Children love to play in the grass and scatter around here and there.  Whereas, Naturalgrasses cannot resist the trotting, on the contrary, artificial turf's quality is not deteriorated because of heavy foot trafficking.

Low maintenance, high impact:

If you are really interested to know how to keep artificial turf in its original condition, then it's just regular cleaning that you have to ensure.  This is a no maintenance option for installation.  As mentioned earlier, with regular reapplying of infill is the only way to keep it intact.  Professionals preferartificial turf, as they require minimal maintenance, yet high quality impact solution in the installation process.


The costing of artificial turf installation is never higher than original grass installation.  This is mainly because of the high cost maintenance of natural grass and re-installation with making it high priced.  Artificial turf leaves with no worry, and you can remain free from stress and hassle of regular high price maintenance. 


 So, are you now ready to invest money in artificial turf installation from professionals as they can guide you through the process with their expertise consultation?


 Have a good day!

Author's Bio: 

Author is an artificial turf installation expert near Mandurah. The author explains to his readers how artificial turf installation can be beneficial as they provide long life expectancy and low maintenance costing.