What type of paper is best for you?

Business cards are a very important way to convey who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. That's why Singapore business card printing offer you a variety of high-quality paper types and excellent textures, each one designed to help you create a card that goes with your style.


The brightness that captures light and complements eye-catching designs. 360 g / m².

Recommended for Vibrant designs or with photographs

Not the best option for Designs that require less ink and white designs

Texture: Brilliant on the front and semi-gloss on the back.


With coating, smooth texture, easy to read. 300 g / m² or 360 g / m².

Recommended for: Light colored designs

Not the best choice for Vibrant dark colors

Texture: Shiny on the front and semi-bright on the back.

Pearl paper

Delicate shine and soft to the touch. 300 g / m² or 350 g / m².

Recommended for: Lighter designs with flashes of bright colors

Not the best choice for Mainly dark and saturated designs

Texture: Soft to the touch


Elegant Italian woven cotton paper. 280 g / m².

Recommended for: Designs that require less ink

Not the best choice for Full-surface saturated printing

Texture: Slightly woven

Kraft paper

Paper 90% post-consumer recycled, brown. 300 g / m² or 350 g / m².

Recommended for simple and rustic black ink designs

Not the best choice for Modern or saturated color designs

Texture: Like an extra thick paper bag

Soft to the touch

Lisa with matt and velvety coating. 360 g / m².

Recommended for colorful and vibrant designs

Not the best choice for Clear designs, industrial style

Texture: Felt, soft fluff

Recycled matte

100% post-consumer recycled paper, without coating. 270 g / m².

Recommended for companies with environmental awareness

Not the best choice for Predominantly dark designs

Texture: Slightly rough

Rough texture

100% post-consumer recycled paper with a natural texture with motitas. 300 g / m².

Recommended for: Natural, minimalist designs

Not the best choice for Designs with lots of ink

Texture: Slightly wavy

The perfect way to make a good impression

To attract customers, the first thing is to attract their attention. Thanks to our wide variety of options and our team of expert designers, creating a striking look is very easy. Just add the text and choose the finish you prefer. From here, your business card printing will do the rest.

Choose the finish

• Metallic effect: Your card will not go unnoticed thanks to this metallic and shiny finish.

• UV Varnish: Bright and embossed finish that makes text and images stand out.

Choose the type of corners

• Standard: The traditional look, with 90-degree straight corners.

• Rounded: Rounded corners to create a modern and memorable style.

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