Facilities management (FM) software enables facility managers to effectively organize, structure, and run the entire workspace and infrastructure-related operations, repair, and maintenance program for achieving maximum performance and efficiency, all from a cloud-based dashboard.

Facilities management software allows multi-site facility managers to accomplish a range of functions related to repair and maintenance, complaint management, and cost optimization. Some such functions are asset management, space allocation and optimizing floor plans, managing property leasing and rental agreements, work order fulfilments, data analytics, and tracking costs and expenses, etc.

The best facilities management software, like QuickFMS, is a cloud-based platform, which means secure access to company data, and the mobility option, using the platform from anywhere.

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Amit Prasad is the founder and CEO of QuickFMS and SatNav Group. QuicFMS provides SaaS solutions to small business owners which help in management and simplifying of businesses and facilities. We offer cloud-based facilities management system with CAFM, Enterprise Asset Management, Property & Maintenance Management.