There are a variety of methods, individual building training programs, measurement tools used by facilitation services for the enhancement and competitive advantage of their own. The job of a facilitator requires to motivate everyone so that they can do their best practice and thinking. A facilitator generally offers a neutral point of view in the name of support. A facilitator is also a family coach as he/she guides a family into making certain decisions and provide support for a happy family. In simple words, if we have to describe a facilitator then we can say that it’s a body that can help in making complex tasks easy. In order to do that, the facilitator makes arrangements for meeting and bring the people together so that they can make decisions to solve their problem or come to a conclusion that can benefit both the parties. Facilitators do all this while being neutral so they can avoid conflict. Their work is to guide an argument or a conversation and take notes of the key areas of conflict. They also try to turn down the heat that can increase during a conversation. Also, they make sure that both the groups are benefited by a decision.

There are a lot of facilitation services offered. Some of them are given below.

1. Business facilitators-

The business facilitators usually work in organizations that are formal or communities. They have to make moves between the employees and the management in order to resolve the issues related to the empowerment. But there’s one thing that many might not know is that a business facilitator can not give the solution to any of the situation no matter how obvious the solution might look like. They have to help the parties in making their own decision and come to any agreement without letting the things get out of hands. Also, they have to agree with the solutions that the parties come up with even if the solution is not agreeable.

2. Educational Facilitators-

The only purpose of an educational facilitator is to motivate and encourage the students of a school or any other institution to develop an interest in responsibility, discipline and learning.

3. Conflict resolution facilitators-

Their purpose is to introduce or enable a productive dialogue between two conflicting parties or parties with different viewpoints. Their purpose is to help them in respecting the viewpoints of each other and also make decisions with their shared vision for the betterment of their future.

4. Group facilitator-

This one is more of an agenda setter. There are many small groups like writing groups, prayer groups, etc. These groups have a certain way of functioning as they have a set agenda. So a facilitator is appointed as a chairperson of these groups so that they can follow the agenda.

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