How to look younger by means of facial exercises is becoming almost as accepted as cosmetic surgery. But what trouble areas on the face and neck really benefit from face exercises, and how?

It never ceases to amaze me when people ask me for a face exercise method that will cure bags under the eyes, or solve their turkey neck problem, lift hog jowls, or get rid of eye wrinkles. Yes, there are facelift exercises for specific areas of the face, but one must see the big picture to treat the specific signs of aging by means of yoga facial exercises.

Why is this significant? Particular facial and neck regions concerning sagging skin is incumbent on the toning of additional areas on the face. Thus, by giving one facial region a good workout can result in the success of another area.

Here are a few of the places that facial exercise programs target and can really help flatten out shallow and deep wrinkles, lift sagging face and neck skin, and give back face colour to the person:

1. The forehead: Facelift exercises can affect the furrows on the brow caused by years of frowning and stress. Lifting the brow can stop eye wrinkle problems.

2. Underneath the eye wrinkles, crow's feet and eye bags: Facial exercises can reduce the thickness and fullness of eye bags and take away dark eye rings, and wipe out small lines round the eyes.

3. Sagging cheeks and face skin: Cheek exercises will lift the face skin and perk up the general face structure and toning of the cheeks, iron out laugh lines, and eliminate a double chin, giving the jaw line a more chiselled look.

4. The mouth region: Face exercises are available to help with smile and laugh lines, the fine wrinkles that materialize above the mouth, specially relating to ladies. This helps the chin or double chin and lifts the neck skin in the direction of the jaw, thus eradicating. or lessening turkey neck syndrome.

5. Chiselling the jaw line zone: Generally facial toning systems also aim for this spot to assist with refining the jaw line and help with the double chin phenomenon. Rub this part, and it also benefits the neck region.

6. The neck area to remove the curse of the turkey neck: Older gents and women from their 40's can easily be afflicted with extra hanging skin at and around the neck region, which can be embarrassing and ugly. By exercising the underlying tissue on either sides of the windpipe can really develop the muscles in the neck area and draw the droopy skin firm.

In a nutshell, what I'm pointing out to you is that regions spread out on the upper parts of the face will also help lower parts of the face, which will incorporate the problematic region that needs attention e.g. A double chin challenge needs to be resolved by using a mixture of a double chin exercise, a cheek exercise, and a jaw line exercise for boosted results. The combination is exponentially more potent than just applying a double chin exercise to get rid of a double chin problem.

The lower your problem zone is on your neck or face, the more you should focus on the upper face regions in conjunction with the problematic area. Facial exercises are more about the big picture to get rid of a particular problem.

This is because facial exercises should be executed on acupressure points (the identical points acupuncturists make use of) because the body works on energy and blood flow points. Massaging the correct points with one's fingertips enhances the blood and oxygen flow to the cells, muscles, and tissue below the skin, and needless to say the skin itself.

By following a good DIY facial toning program, one will not only resolve, or at worst diminish the problem, but the person will also end up looking up to 10 to 15 years more youthful and feeling a lot more self-confident to "face" their friends and relations.

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