The professional world is highly competitive; people judge each other on the basis of first impression. It is harsh truth but if you don’t match up with the certain standards of appearance, most likely you will not make any real impression to your clients, colleagues, seniors or any other important person. People must keep in mind that most of the time new age professionals don’t judge others on the basis of their skin color or ethnicity. What matters to them is well defined contours of your face. If you are willing to follow the following five instructions, most likely you will be able to get the right looks which will help your career.
1. Breathing Exercise- People often complain that their face starts looking chubby after sumptuous meal. This temporary chubbiness often distorts the facial expression. One can overcome it by proper breathing which helps in quick digestion of the food. To do this breathing exercise you will have to move the stomach inwards while exhaling, the stomach should be back to normal position while inhaling the air. This is conscious breathing which helps in improving the metabolism resulting in quick digestion. No need to elaborate that if you are endowed with this amazing trait chubbiness of face would be gone.
2. Improve Jaw Line: Firmness of jaw is sign of confidence. To get firm jaw line you must touch your chest with the tip of your jaw. While bringing your jaw closer to the chest breathe in. Once your jaw touches the chest, maintain the posture for few seconds and then raise your head to normal position while breathing out. While doing this exercise all the movements must be gradual and slow. You can repeat this exercise according to your wish. However, at least five repetitions at a time is required to get tangible results.
3. Internal Massage of Face: We often go to a parlor or beauty clinics to get facial massage. Such massages can do wonder to your skin but its really hard to get regular facial massages from professionals considering the tight work schedule which is core part of the life of any working person. In such scenario, you can do simple water massage. For that, you have to keep small amount of water in your mouth and then move that water all around your mouth at brisk speed. Do it for at least 15 seconds. After that, apply an appropriate moisturizer on the face according to the skin quality. This exercise will increase the firmness and youthfulness of the cheek. This can also be effective against wrinkles.
4. Sitting Posture: Always maintain the correct posture while sitting . If you are in a job, which requires you to write, or type on computer, make sure that you do not sit in wrong posture for long hours. It would be better if you maintain straight position while doing your desk job. Never keep your head down while working on the computer. If possible set the computer screen in such a way that your shoulder and head get support from the chair..
5. Maintain Positive Expression: Wrinkles are inevitable and we can use it to make our personality more positive. It is a common knowledge that wrinkles are shaped according to our expressions. So make sure that your overall attitude towards other people and your own self is positive otherwise expressions emanating out of negative attitude might distort our face.

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