Collaboration for the BEnefit of ALL
Hey hey hey, Positive energies this finds ALL enJOYing and thus, LOVing Life today.
A couple of weeks ago we BEgan a collaborative effort for the BEnefit of ALL we call, “Our Weekly enLIGHTenment Journeys” within our Facebook Group, “Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary”.
This is our special GIFT for our BEautiFull Earth Angels whom have graced us their presence and experience of BEingness, therein.
It is COLLABORATIVE in nature as the enLIGHTEnment Guidance, freely provided, is in response to questions from our Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary Earth Angel Group Members, shared with and thus for the BEnefit of ALL.
In sharing within our own experiences, questions, concerns, and opening SELF up to publicly ask questions, receive guidance, and engage in Community “Masterminds” or “Think Tanks”, WE are in TRUTH, assisting ALL, engaged or otherwise.
Though walking our own unique pathways in life, we are reflecting aspects ALL that is, within & through our SELF, WE are ALL members of the Human Species, ONE Universal Family, reflections of one another, and thus can identify with and BEnefit from the Wisdom shared and received. Inevitably resulting in an exponential affect upon the vibrational frequency of ALL – engaged or otherwise.
We decided in the LIGHT of sharing and expanding awareness for the BEnefit of ALL, YOU too should BE Blessed the BEauty of our Collaborative BEingness, and so……..we bring YOU Week ONE of our Facebook Group: Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s “Weekly enLIGHTenment Journeys”.
We looking forward to sharing within YOUr Words of Wisdom in the comment section just to the right of our post

Focus on the Negative decreases Energy
Hi Roni,
Here’s a big question…
How can I make the leap from worrying about the rent to enjoying life?
The struggles to keep my business going are overwhelming me.
Looking forward to receiving your weekly enlightenment journey email.
Dear Angel “Worry”,
Look at YOU!
How fantabulous are YOU!
YOU are the FIRST one amongst ALL of WE to boldly share within YOUr life’s experience for the BEnefit of ALL and what a life experience to share within!
Something, I KNOW, ALL will most certainly relate to and thus BEnefit from.
What an Angel of LOVE!
We are ALL sooooo deeply Blessed YOUr BEingness and I AM sooo very deeply greatFull to YOU for so BEing.
“Worry” is a ‘funny’ thing, it takes up soooooooo very much of our time and BEingness and YET, is the EPITOME of ILLUSION.

To “worry” automatically means that something is NOT, for if it was, YOU would NOT BE worrying about it, YOU would BE dealing with it. Thus, to worry about something is to worry about whether or not something may or may not occur and how YOU may or may not deal with it.
Oh how we DO LOVE to worry though!!!
So much so, in fact, I wrote a THREE PART series about the subject.
YOU can access it right here:
Senseless Worry
I COMPLETELY KNOW that to which YOU speak regarding having to come up with the rent, maintaining and keeping one’s business afloat, and would like to share with YOU an epiphany, I mySELF had.
I had BEen having difficulty- cutting it really, really close- coming up with the rent for sometime, having given up my “corporate career” to dedicate my SELF WHOLE, to BEing my TRUTH and fulfilling my Personal Legend of LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL, providing my services as a WHOLE-istic enLIGHTenment GuideLight {Life Coach} and Ontological Literary Artist, not to mention the bills that needed to BE paid and ALL the additional expenses that come with BEingan independently provided for, single mom.
Still, somehow, every month, I found a way, thankfully!
Until, one month……… as summer was coming to an end and so was the month!
The 1st kept approaching, quicker and yet quicker still- at least within my Mind’s Perception of FEAR at the time. My cupboards were almost bare, the phone was ringing off the hook from creditors, and then……then my gas was turned off!!! Thank GOODness it was nearing the end of summer and NOT the middle of winter!!! No hot water, no stove {mine is run on gas} and no washer and dryer {also, run on gas at the time}.

Shaman Jhanu
I remember BEing outside with our dog, Shaman Jhanu.
I just lost it, broke down and completely and utterly lost it, right there, outside in the public eye. Tears streaming down my cheeks, yelling out at ALL the energies that BE, “I can’t take this anymore!!!! I have had enough!!! I AM DOing everything I can, and more over, for the BEnefit of ALL!!!! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!! What, WHAT Lesson have YOU for ME to learn??!!!”
The darkness engulfing my BEingness was overwhelming and yet declaring my angst, stress and worries, fantabulously relieving.
Allow me to interupt SELF here to make a VERY IMPORTANT Point: we DO NOT HEAL our FEARS by running away and hiding from them!
If YOU are feeling negative, worry, stress, strain, anxiety, anger, etc… etc…. YOU MUST FACE these FEELings and THOUGHTs, YOU MUST look them square in the eye and ASK, “WHY?” “What lessons have YOU for ME to learn?”
Have a good cry, scream and yell out to the sky, RELEASE the negative emotions, allow for their expression that YOU may BE Open and Clear to RECEIVE the messages, lessons and insights awaiting YOUr Grasp.
Okee dokee, interruption complete…..And NOW, back to our regularly scheduled, “Weekly enLIGHTEnment Journey”…hee hee….
It was upon entering my home thereafter, completely exhausted from the emotional meltdown I had just allowed mySELF experience, that I was struck with an epiphany.
I had no gas, the rent was due and didn’t have the money to pay that either, and here I was, freaking out.
What exactly, I asked mySELF, was my freaking out DOing to assist my situation?
I mean, if I didn’t pay the rent, what was the worst thing that would happen? I have allways paid the rent, and on time. It wasn’t as though my landlord was going to kick me out on my ass, and even if they did, how many friends and family do I have that would gladly take me in for however long needed until I could get back on my feet?
Really, what was the absolute worst thing?
Was I going to die?
Was my son going to die?
Ummmmmmmmmmmm, NO!
Did I still have a plethora of options available?
Ummmmmmmm, YES!
What if…….what if for ONCE, just once, I let go of the worry, just LET GO and ride the wave and see how it all played itSELF out, even IF, I didn’t wind up coming up with the funds for the rent………
what if I just let GO and BE.

Let Go, Be Free, BE LOVE

And so, I did.
I just surrendered to my situation, and carried on with my days, DOing whatever it was I could DO, and was DOing, to BE the Best ME, I can BE, to follow through on living my purpose and fulfilling my Personal Legend, WITHOUT WORRY about anything else.
It was one of the MOST freeing, exhilarating experiences I have ever had.
WOW, what a weight lifted from my BEingness!!!
I was able to concentrate of my tasks at hand, I was able to make headway, BE productive and NOT suffer sleepless nights of anxiety, hours of depressed levels of happiness, and wasted moments of creative inspiration.
In fact, BEcause I was NOT allowing my SELF to focus on the negative “worry” within my “Mind’s Conversations”, I was OPEN to Receive the Giftsof inspiration and lessons of growth regarding the very predicament I had allowed mySELF to experience.
Like many of WE, I grew up with conditioned FEARs surrounding monies. I had certain negative perspectives regarding money, and these NEEDed to change. This situation within which I had found mySELF was exactly WHY, exactly HOW, I was to BEgin my transformative thinking regarding money.
Ya see, what I came to KNOW, is that our Universe is infinitely abundant, so much so, there is enough money for each and every one of the 6 billion of WE and BEyond!
What I came to KNOW, is that Money in and of itSELF is nothing more than another TOOL by which we USE to CREATE that which we DO here upon our Earth School, in this current society within which we live.
It is neither positive nor negative, but a tool that is used by one whom CHOOSEs to use it for the good or bad.
And……I came to KNOW, that I use this tool for the GOOD and thus I AM Deserving and Worthy to BE Abundantly Wealthy!
In fact, I adopted the affirmation, “I AM a Money Magnet” just around this time
Please feel free to use this affirmation as YOUr own, ALLways.
As the 1st of the month quickly approached and the monies did NOT materialize, without a worry in mind, I dealt with the situation. I let my landlord KNOW the monies would BE slightly late this month, as I was having difficulties financially, and that I had every intention of paying the rent, and apologized for their delay.
My landlord was most gracious, understanding and patient
I not only did not have to move out, I also did not have to deal with any negativity from my landlord, whatsoever.
How about that!!!!
ALL that worrying was for NOT!

Positive Thinking, a CHOICE
Thank GOODness I stopped it when I did!
And YES, the gas was turned back on shortly thereafter, with the LOVing assistance of a family member.
And just like that, the situation was experienced and then done, and is NOW, no more than a memory of life’s learning, transcending and enLIGHTening that I get to share withYOU
In moments we deem “challenges”, we can CHOOSE to deem these as OPPORTUNITIES!! We can CHOOSE to ASK “why am I experiencing this situation? what lesson is here for me to learn and grow from, transcend and enLIGHTen SELF to?”
We CAN CHOOSE to let go and TRUST that as ONE with ALL that is, as a continuum of the flow of Energy that is EVERYTHING, we are supported in manifesting that which we desire, that which is our purpose for BEing, and thus let go of the worry, stress and strain and KNOW, wherever we find ourSELVes is a blessing of opportunity, a place we NEED to BE to fulfill our destiny
Positive Energies this has BEen of assistance to YOU Sweet Angel and again, Thank YOU Thank YOU for sharing YOUr personal quest with ALL of WE, as I KNOW, we will, have and ARE BEnefitting from YOUr SHARING within the experience of YOUr BEingness
I look forward to hearing from more of YOU this weekend, for our next “Weekly EnLIGHTenment Journey”. Please feel free to join our Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary group on Facebook, so YOU TOO can enJOY the Gifts of participating within our Weekly enLIGHTenment Journey.
Blessedly BE
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni
~~~~for more insights and pathways one may journey to eliminate stress, strain, worry and doubt from our BEingness, visit:
“Overcoming Doubts”

P.S. Talk ’bout Universal Gifts and Opportunities, I wrote this last night, and this morning received a call from my landlord that my last month’s cheque BOUNCED!!!
Oh MY!
How could this have happened?
I admit, there was a momentary loss into the abyss of emotional despair…….”HEY! I learned this lesson ALLready!! I don’t need to go through this again, I’m done! What’s with the opportunity BEing provided??!! Hello!!!!, I AM Success, I AM Abundance, I AM a Money Magnet, I AM ONE with ALL, I AM Open to Receive the Ever Flowing Blessings of my BEingness, my Personal Legend realized and manifest here upon our Earth School!” and ALLmost instantaneously, I was ELATED, Uplifted and enLIGHTened out of despair and into an Attitude of Gratitude. Seeing the Opportunity, having just writ this piece, to BE in the NOW of the experience and BE the Example for ALL of WE, BE given the Gift to reaffirm that which I KNOW to BE TRUTH! External circumstances and situations, though we can NOT ALLways Control, DO NOT Control US…….how we CHOOSE to “Perceive, Receive and Respond” IS of our CHOOSing and ALLways, I CHOOSE LOVE! ALLways, I CHOOSE to TRUST in TRUTH……situations come and go…..what is here today, is gone tomorrow…..there is NO NEED to grasp at the negative when there is soooooooo much Positive and LOVE abounding within our surround to focus our BEingness upon and thus BE OPEN to RECEIVE the Infinite Gifts awaiting our grasp!
Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU ALL for this fantabulous Opportunity to share in LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL!
Sooooooooo Look’n forward to next week :O)
For those seeking to Journey their own Personal/Individual Guidance adventures, please feel free to get in touch directly by CLICKING HERE to send Roni an email. Journeys are available via email and skype.
Deep Bows of Gratitude and Big Hugs of LOVE’s Light.

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Roni has been Gifted the Personal Legend of BEing the reflection of radiating LOVE's Light that IS each of WE.
She exists here upon our Earth School to uplift, assist and enLIGHTEn ALL to the Miraculous Magnificence of our BEautiFull BEingness.

“I am here, upon our Earth School, to vibrate harmonies of LOVE's Light, equality, peace, unity, positivity, and the TRUTH of WE. I provide a gentle guiding light along YOUr Pathway to Discover SELF TRUE, LOVE SELF and thus BE, the Best “I” in “ME” YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE, in Every NOW, ALLways!

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