Facebook will now allow page users and administrators to control who can comment on their posts, a measure to curb hate speech on its platform, it confirmed in a statement.

Page users and admins can now choose who has the right to comment on their posts, from everyone to just those who are tagged on the post.

Facebook gives users more access to their website experience with changes to post comments and news filters.
The updates announced today will allow users to:
Control who can comment on your posts
Filter your news to see more relevant content

Learn More About Why A Recommended Post Is Showing On Your Feed.

The Facebook algorithm helps make sense of the large number of posts that people and industries share every day and chooses which posts to display in our News Feed based on several factors.

Facebook Algorithm Values When A Change Occurs
To know the Facebook algorithm starts with knowing the core values Facebook uses to guide your thinking and work. These values can give you a clue as to what content will or will not perform as well on Facebook.

Here Is A Brief Summary Of The Facebook Feed Values:
Friends and Family Come First: The main goal of News Feed is to connect people with their friends and family. Therefore, posts from friends and family are prioritized. After those posts, Facebook searches that people want their feed to inform and entertain them.

One Platform For All Ideas:
Facebook welcomes all ideas while making sure everyone feels and is safe. Their goal is to deliver the stories that each individual wants to see the most, based on their actions and comments.

Authentic Communications:
Facebook prioritizes genuine stories over misleading, sensational, and spammy stories.

You Control Your Experience:
people know themselves better. So Facebook creates features (like unfollow and watch first) to allow people to personalize their Facebook experience.
Constant Repetition:
Facebook aims to constantly collect feedback and improve the platform.

You Have To Know

Facebook's new control will allow people to limit who can comment on public posts, from anyone who can view the post to just P. Facebook's new control will allow people to limit who can comment on public posts, from anyone who can. view the post down to "tagged" people and pages. Most important thing is that digital marketing companies and other industries know all about these because they use these platforms more to promote the brand and are aware of these changes.

It is also introducing a new "news filter bar" that will allow people to choose between historically, algorithmic, or "favorites" news posts.

Facebook allows up to 30 friends and "pages" to be "favorites", so your posts will appear higher in the classified news section.

Explain the algorithmic news posts to allow users to "learn more about the signals that influence" the inclusion of such posts.

"You should be able to feedback to the algorithm and consciously adjust or ignore the forecast it makes, to alter your personal algorithm in the cold light of day, through breathing spaces built into the platform design," said Nick Clegg of Facebook. Vice President for Global Affairs and former British Deputy Prime Minister.

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