Why Should You Use Facebook Flirting?
Put simply, Facebook flirting done correctly could easily lead to a real life meeting. Apart from being free and fun, Facebook helps you to be a lot more casual and a lot more undercover. Using Facebook, there is also less risk compared to a phone call and more time to come up with something clever to say before messaging. My favorite part about using Facebook is, getting her Facebook is just about as easy as getting her name.

Still believe Facebook isn't really beneficial? For their annual sex survey, Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazines asked almost 1,200 voluntary readers concerning the effect technology has had on their sex lives. Naturally, Facebook was among the primary topics of discussion. Listed below are some of the results:
- Nearly 60% of men agree that Facebook flirting has made it easier for them to sleep with women quicker.
- Roughly 40% of women claim they have slept sooner with someone due to internet intimacy
- About 50% of girls state they have been hit on by a Facebook message
- Close to 80% of Facebook users state that they won't “un-friend” a Friend on Facebook
- Approximately 80% of Facebook users acknowledge consistently checking a former ex's Facebook page

How Might You Use Facebook Flirting to Your Advantage?
Because you now know why you should use Facebook to flirt, here’s what you should do:

Set up your Profile to ensure that it demonstrates value. Your Profile information and pictures needs to present you as someone who is exciting, interesting or inspirational. If she hasn't known you for that long and can only get to know you better through your Profile, your Profile must go to bat for you. Consider your Profile your digital wingman. Once she goes through your Profile, you should strive towards having her already want to spend time with you even before you ask. The very first impression is always important: Facebook works the same way.

Update your Wall often and when you do update your Wall, you must never degrade or insult yourself. All of your posts should be positive. Consider this: if the girls in your Friends list are continuously reading bad updates from you, “un-friending” you is simply a click away.

You should post on her Wall from time to time, but not too often. Anything posted on her Wall should be short and simple. If your posts go above two sentences, you are posting too much. Everything you post should also be a bit flirty. Make fun of any unusual Pictures she has or anything joke-worthy on her Wall. But remember to Post casually, and to post casually, you can't Post too often. Posting too often is obsessive, not casual.

Chat and Messages:
Chat and Messages are intended for privacy. When it comes to Facebook flirting, Chat and Messages are the best ways to ask for her telephone number. Don't ask for her number on Facebook any other way.

Avoid using Pokes. Both on the internet and off the internet, when you constantly Poke a girl, would you think she'd find that attractive or unattractive? The only woman you're probably safe with Poking on Facebook is your mom (if she's on Facebook).

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