Give me 5 minutes with anyone and I can tell you more about his character than a 10 page resume. I have "read" thousands of people who tell me that I know more about them in minutes than their spouse, family, or friends. Am I the only one who has access to this ancient secret? No, anyone can do what I do simply by learning the Art of facial reading. I have trained hundreds of people in a one-day workshop or 5-part webinar, the step-by-step process for learning this wisdom.

"I look forward to a day when people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever had a feeling about someone? Have you ever wondered what this person really is like? Well we all read people on some level. Since the beginning of time, we have used our instincts to survive and we have evolved into very sensitive human beings.

Unconsciously we all read faces. How would you like to read faces consciously? The Art of Reading Faces gives you the tangible tools to recognize a person's true character.

How is it that a cartoonist can draw some angled lines on a page and you know exactly who they represent? I'm sure you would know the difference between Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney just from the angle of their jawline. Aren't these traits characteristic of their personalities?

Why do film directors hunt high and low for a certain aspect in an actor? Is it because they fit on paper? Imagine if a person with a soft baby face was chosen to portray a tough and tough cowboy in one of his favorite classic movies. I'm sure you would feel the story was good, but the actor doesn't fit the part. Are you starting to get an idea?

Face reading, like body language, gives you an advantage in nonverbal communication. This is one of the most powerful ways to get to know yourself and others in all of your relationships. When you see a person's core potential, you will also see their maximum potential.

"As an investigative tool, face reading is being used by an increasing number of police and investigative agencies in Europe and North America," says Trout, a former United States police officer.

Now, you're probably saying, enough questions. Give me some answers on how I could do this! The shape of a face gives you the blueprint or structure of your personality characteristics. What is the structure of this face? Or, let's compare this to a vehicle? Is it solid and practical like a Mac truck or delicate and sensitive like a Ferrari?

The basic structure of a face or a vehicle will give you clues about its true potential or the maximum performance of the vehicle. The characteristics of the vehicle and the face will give you all the important details.

The first thing I do in Face Reading is to 'cut off' people's heads and put it on a table. Don't take me literally! Does the head stay firm and steady or does it spin like a ball? This is very simple! Just watch a child play with building blocks or those games where they put shapes in holes. Does a square fit into a round hole or into a square hole? In other words, does your personality or characteristic trait fit the role or job description?

The first impression you have of a person is the most important. What is the general structure and the most outstanding feature that catches your attention? For example, the shape of the face can be square and practical, the oval can be sensitive and flexible, the rectangular can be firm and ambitious, or the round face can be calm and ready to please. The most prominent feature of a person may be their warm, big brown eyes, a prominent nose that may be a bit `` nosy '', or thin, tight lips may find that life `` tastes somewhat bitter. ''

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