Why a healthy skin is vital to your being?

Apart from being the largest organ in your body, your skin is also the most exposed one. Thus, you should take good care of your skin since it is a mirror to the outside world reflecting how healthy you are as a person. A very important regimen in skin care is moisturizing it and doing the same with natural herbal remedies is a sure shot way for superior skin quality.

Skin moisturization according to different skin types

A lot depends upon your skin type. But dry skin requires more moisture than normal or oily skin types. Lack of daily application can lead to flakiness and itchiness in dry skin. People with oily skin require moisture less often than those with dry skin. This is mainly because people with oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin breakouts. But no matter what, moisturization is necessary even for oily skin to keep it hydrated and soft. Usage of a very light water-based moisturizer is necessary to keep skin in balance and what is more it tends to produce less oil with regular application. But for dry skin, special care should be taken to relieve the skin of its effects that accompanies it. To combat this problem, you can opt for Face Moisturizing Lotion from Himalaya Herbals which is one of a kind moisturizer that is specially formulated as a dry skin reliever.

How is Moisturizing Lotion from Himalaya Herbals beneficial as a skin care agent?

This natural herbal moisturizer has Aloe Vera as its base which helps the skin regain its moisture balance and at the same time rehydrates the skin keeping it fresh all day long. Along with Aloe Vera, this moisturizer is specially formulated with other herbal extracts that helps in restoring the skin vitality  keeping it fresh all day long.  With wheat germ oil which is considered to be a rich source of Vitamin E, the Himalaya Moisturizing lotion acts as an antioxidant that protects your skin from environmental damage.

Face Moisturizing Lotion from Himalaya as a dry skin antidote

Superior quality herbs like Aloe Vera, Indian madder and country willow provides extra nourishment to dry skin, especially during the winter months when you require intense moisture. Apart from dry skin this moisturizer is beneficial for normal to oily skin especially during the winter months.

Direction for use

  • Since it is suitable for all skin types take the amount accordingly
  • Should be applied all over the face as well neck in upward strokes
  • Is very suitable as a make up base
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Face Moisturizing Lotion from Himalaya rehydrates the skin and restores its moisture balance.