The practice of women and up-till a few centuries ago even men adorning themselves with a variety of jewelry and embellishments are part of their natural instincts. Over time women took the lead and drew expertise in this field.

Historically, since the masses could not afford the expensive and by far very rare metallic and semi-precious stone jewelry they adopted many ways around it. It was almost like they were turning unwanted junk into decorative pieces of beauty.

Rulers and people of royal families always accessorized themselves with the best of jewels and ornaments of those times. Jewelry was immaterial of gender that time, and people who saw ruling class as mass icons wanted to follow their styles and adopt their mannerisms. To find a way around these expensive jewels was the way to fabric jewellery.

Today people follow what actors or models wear, but thankfully they are too adopting fabric jewelry as part of trending fashion, and thus bringing about this small scale industry importance unlike it has seen before.

Some pieces of fabrics not necessarily matching, paper scraps, bullet casings, old keyboards and broken bicycle chains – all these discarded materials can be transformed into funky handcrafted jewelry. Mixing creativity and nimble fingers, these jewelry makers have taken the up-cycling trend to a new level by creating wearable and original designs from leftover scraps.

These trends are generally very raw yet deliver the finest art forms. Women or groups of people make them with the scrap at home and sell their products through various sellers or mediums. It’s still not an organized industry but has given some of the most artistic pieces of jewelry. Online retailers are a mecca for up-cycled goods, and partners with small house-hold businesses to sell their products.

There are a variety of designs, patterns and styles with which the fabric jewelry is experimented with. Although necklaces are the most popular product for up-cycle jewelry, there are numerous combinations with which it gels up to create a ravishing finished product.

There are primarily two kinds of design pattern: Modern (the one more current with international fashion and dressing) and Indian (taking forward the traditional motifs and patterns of Indian jewelry).

The modern or chick jewelry is free of any traditional thought pattern and for designs sky is the limit. The more innovative the design and idea the more would be its appeal. They are combined with ribbons, laces, left out cloth pieces and combined with stones, plastics beads and metals.

Indian or the traditional jewelry here brings out a new meaning to our traditional embellishments. They are now as much part of our culture and heritage as are the real stone and metallic ones. Although they stick to usual patterns, but there are numerous ornaments that it adopts itself to – anklets, maatha-patti, necklaces, bangles, waist bands, arm cuffs, even rings.

The sector is still unorganized and dependent on dealers, but an online surge has got them noticed. Many women and men with artistic flare have even adopted this as a part time hobby bringing them good results. A craft as such not recognized but is gaining trend and momentum due to its compatibility with all kinds of clothing is sure going to take upcycled urban jewelry much more noticed in the times to come.

Grey Ikat Beaded Necklace With Cowrie Shell Detailing
Impeccably constructed with cotton ikat beads and decorated with charming cowrie shell detailing, this rustic beaded necklace gives off an ethereal contemporary charm.

Three Strand Marigold Orange Ikat Beaded Enamel Necklace
Designed to perfection to flaunt an authentic contemporary flair, this handcrafted ikat beaded necklace redefines modern-ethnic fashion and personifies grace. Crafted in cotton and decked with stunning enamel detailing, this necklace is sure to be a conversation starter.

Kalamkari Violet And Yellow Tassel Earrings
Showcase a vibrant explosion of color along with a tribal touch reflected by these kalamkari violet tassel earrings. Crafted using cotton fabric and german silver coin detailing, these earrings are sure to add a happy gloss to your accessory stash.

Ruby Red Statement Coin Earrings
Topped with german silver coin detailing and crafted in alluring cotton fabric, these statement earrings are upcycled perfectly to instantly elevate your style quotient. These ruby red coin earrings are sure to enhance your look with their mystic beauty.

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