Are you planning to prepare a nice glass of margarita? This cocktail drink is definitely a treat; you can make it in a snap, which makes it ideal for parties. Moreover, you will love its refreshing taste and aroma. If you are just lounging by the pool, you will enjoy sipping a satisfying margarita. Have the drink served on the rocks or with some crushed ice for a very cool treat. Either way, this drink is truly amazing.

It is a breeze to make a great glass of margarita; simply use the best ingredients and mixes for the drink. For excellent ways on how to make this cocktail drink, read along to find out more about the different mixes.

Beer Margarita Mix

Have you ever tasted beer with tequila? This unique concoction makes the margarita truly enticing because of its great taste. Here is how you can create this superb margarita mix.

Beer, one bottle (6 fl. oz.)
Crushed ice, 4 cups
Gold tequila, 6 fl. oz.
Frozen limeade concentrate, 12 fl. oz. can
Fresh lime, one piece, sliced

1. Use a blender to combine the liquid ingredients such as the limeade, tequila and the beer. Begin with slow process and gradually increase the speed.
2. Add in the crushed ice cubes.Continue until the texture turns thick and frothy.
3. Place two margarita glasses inside the freezer. Chill the glasses for about 30 minutes.
4. Put some coarse salt on the rim of each margarita glass.
5. Lastly, garnish the glasses with a lime wedge.
6. Serve cold.
7. This great recipe makes two glasses.

Lime Peel Margarita Mix

Gold tequila, 10 jiggers
Frozen limeade concentrate, 12 oz.
Triple Sec, 5 jiggers
Fresh limejuice
Freshly grated lime peel
White sugar, 4 teaspoons
Crushed ice, 5 cups

1. Use a blender to crystallize the ice. Process the ice slowly for about 30 seconds.
2. Next, pour the tequila, Triple Sec, limeade, lime peel, sugar and fresh limejuiceinto the blender.
3. Make sure that you blend the contents well to create an even and rich flavour.
4. A slushy appearance would mean that the margarita is ready.
5. Put some salt to the rim of each glass. Wet the rim of each glass to make it easy for you to put salt on it.
6. Next, transfer the mixture from the blender to the margarita glasses.
7. Add some ice cubes and garnish each glass with lime wedge.
8. Serve immediately.

These margarita recipes would surely appeal to your discriminating taste buds. The perfect mix added to the drink is simply amazing; the rich taste, smooth texture and delightful aroma make the margarita exquisite. Try adding the mixes to the liquor, as suggested in this article. You will notice a unique taste that will entice you. Whether it is for a party with friends or an after-meal drink, these recipes are sure to please you and your guests.

Margarita Mix with BeerMargarita Mix with Lime Peel

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