Fondant is a beautiful, versatile icing product that, when properly applied, creates a deliciously exquisite, polished finish to any cake. Fondant is used in cake decorating or sculpting and is a popular choice for wedding cake presentation.

Rolled Fondant, which has the consistency of a pastry dough, is “rolled out” to the appropriate size and draped over the intended cake. This form of fondant is popular in cake sculpting and gives a flawless finish to wedding cakes. In contrast, Poured Fondant is a silky, liquid confection that is poured over pastries and is typically used to drizzle cakes, as well as petit fours and cupcakes. Wilton, a leader in cake decorating, suggests many uses for fondant; including the formation of edible flowers, figurines and other decorative trappings (2007).

Nilsen & Maxwell in their book,“The Cake Decorator’s Bible (2002), suggest that fondant is made by combining egg whites, glucose and confectioner’s sugar. Fondant can also be formed by mixing confectioner’s sugar with melted marshmallows ( MMF).Fondant is easy to make at home, or it can be purchased ready- made from most craft and cake decorating stores. Fondant can be flavored and colored, and can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks.

The dough-like consistency of fondant makes it easy to use to create beautiful floral accents, borders and trims, swags and bows. Fondant has revolutionized cake decorating! Why not let fondant take your cake decorating to the next level!

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Twanda Bates is a self-taught baker/cake decorator and Cake Artist. Her business, Wanni's Suga-Sweets Specialty Cakes & Desserts, was designed and created to bring to the surrounding communities a form of cake decorating not commonly found in her area. Twanda has honed and mastered skills that give her cakes a unique and enchanting nature. In addition, Twanda is a published Author and public speaker.