Why do you go to work every day?

Is it because you are fulfilling your creativity by expressing who you are through your work?


Why not?

Why are you in your relationship?

Is it because you and your partner are committed to building together the best life possible?

Because you bring out the best in each other?

Because you both feel loved, supported, nurtured within the relationship?


Why not?

If you answered 'no' to any of the above, could it be that the reason why you find yourself in one or both of these scenarios is the same?

Do you think it just may be possible that the answer is, "It's what I've always done"?

Are you aware that you're being held prisoner by the F-word?

If you've just discovered shackles you never new existed, don't feel bad.

It's human nature to stick with what we know. Even if we're desperately unhappy.

We earthlings would rather be in a FAMILIAR situation than a happy one!

To some of us, happy feels strange because it's not FAMILIAR .

We feel comfortable in an abusive relationship or a dead-end, repetitive job, because that what we're used to.

Some of us do attempt to live happier lives, but it feels so UNFAMILIAR we soon find our way back to dullsville.

Others realize quickly that UNFAMILIAR is outside their comfort zone, so stay home and watch TV (as they've always done).

A few others gather their strength, shine up their courage, and keep moving forward, knowing that happy will soon become familiar if they just stick it out.

UNFAMILIAR can be scary.

It can be a challenge.

It can also be an exhilarating, exciting, exploration.

It's a great way to find out who you are.

If you've never been happy, it's going to take an UNFAMILIAR path to lead you to happiness.

You don't have to be held prisoner by the F-word. And you don't have to release it's grip with any grand gestures, you can start small. Venture into the world of UNFAMILIAR with baby steps and you'll see that it can be wonderful!

You may be able to implement your own ideas for breaking out of the world of FAMILIAR, but here's a few to assist.
1. When was the last time you met somebody new? If you're not meeting new people, you're stagnating. Aim to make a new friend by Christmas.

2. Join a new group (could assist with point 1). A new activity will add enthusiasm and interest to your life. Have you always wanted to sing, meditate, or study astronomy?

3. Make a small change to your routine. Add in ten minutes of whatever you feel is lacking in your life. If you don't exercise, or can't seem to get on top of your housework, start by scheduling just ten minutes daily, and slowly build it up. Before long it will feel familiar. Or you could delete something from your routine. For example, the regular phone call with the draining, whining, friend you don't know why you let into your life, or the nightly news bulletin if it gets you down. Seemingly small changes can have a HUGE effect on the big picture of your life.

4. How are you expressing yourself? If you're not doing anything creative, start now! Paint, draw, write, journal, build, sing, dance, act, tell jokes, speak, sculpt, cook, design, decorate, create, produce SOMETHING. if you've been doing one of these for years and your enthusiasm has waned, try a different one.

5. Take inventory of the people in your life. Are they there because you chose them, or did they just drift into your life and decide to stay? Re-choose them. Decide to share your precious moments with people who add to your life, not the detractors.Surrounding yourself with good people is vital. Remember, if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. Get rid of the familiar dogs who add nothing and make room for the people you CHOOSE to share your life with.

If you implement these steps gently, change needn't be scary for you.

Grab your diary now and leave monthly notes to yourself that FAMILIARITY isn't necessarily good, and UNFAMILIARITY isn't necessarily bad.

Live the life you CHOOSE, not the life in which you're stuck.

Live Life Happy!

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Johns helps people live more fulfilling, happy lives.

Her online presence http://www.happylifementoring.com inspires people globally to live their best life, while locally, in Melbourne, Australia, Jacqueline's one on one
mentoring changes lives for the better.