New York Times bestselling author Daniel Coyle recently released his new book, “The Talent Code”. Regarded by Tom Peters as the most important and useful book in 2009, we feel it helpful to any educator or parent wanting to increase the success and skills of their students. Mr. Coyle’s research unfolds that greatness isn’t born, instead, it’s grown. He shares his findings regarding what created the world’s most talented athletes, scholars, artists, and leaders. The answer: myelin.

Myelin is the microscopic substance that wraps our brains nerve fibers, increasing their signal strength, speed, and accuracy. Myelin is the often referenced gray matter that coats nerve fibers in layers much like the rings around trees, and is developed through repetition of difficult things. Coyle found that most of the world’s most renowned geniuses were not born, but created through: passion, deep practice, master coaching, and ignition.

Dr. Kawamura, PhD, found that our brain’s ability to grab information and retain it is significantly enhanced through his patented, variable speed, eye and reading exercises. Pushing us beyond our current abilities is a form of deep practice that produces amazing results. Schools throughout this country see student’s test scores increase in a few short weeks of using the eyeQ program. Each of the short high-speed imaging exercises flash at three different speeds….slow, fast, and medium. As we move from the slow pace and struggle to keep up at the fast pace, the speed reduces to the medium level, and suddenly, we can follow the objects or words almost effortlessly. Each short 7 minute session moves users to a higher level, and increased performance.

The eyeQ program is one of the few brain and learning enhancement programs that actually measures and graphs each users reading speed AND comprehension, calculating their Effective Reading Speed (ERS). Two classes at a major university showed increases in comprehension of 47% while reading almost three times faster!

Today, our students can text and play video games and lightening speed, but because reading is slow and laborious for them, it is considered boring. Learning becomes enjoyable when students can easily read and understand the books they are required to read. Dr. Kawamura has helped many students struggling with dyslexia or ADHD find confidence in reading and learning through the eyeQ program. Increased skill and confidence are key to a student’s competitive edge both in school and in the future work place.

An independent fMRI study of eyeQ showed an increase of almost 1500% in brain activity after just one, 7 minute eyeQ session. With new brain measuring technology available today, we are excited at the prospects of being able to measure the potential increase in myelin of eyeQ users.

The eyeQ program is now available online, and can be accessed at home, at school, or at work. Results are also available online for administrators to track progress of their students or their employees.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Akihiro Kawamura developed this revolutionary information processing system in Japan during the 1980's. Dr. Kawamura has conducted extensive research and has authored 72 books related to brain function, reading and learning technology. Millions of people have experienced this program in Japan's most prestigious private schools, universities and corporations. The results of studies in Japan and the U.S. demonstrate that students who use eyeQ increase their reading speed by an average of 2-5 times. They also process information more efficiently thus their ability to learn and retain information in all subjects is greatly enhanced. Students who successfully complete this program also perform better on standardized tests.

Jeffrey C. Flamm, co-founder and president of Infinite Mind, has teamed up with Dr. Kawamura to develop and distribute the eyeQ program in the United States. Infinite Mind is committed to providing state of the art learning and brain enhancement technology for school, home, and business use.