Eyebrow Transplant is an excellent procedure. Commonly women want thicker and fuller eyebrows in condition, where they lose their eyebrows it can be because of some tattooing and frequent threading due to which they lose their hair and some people generally have thin eyebrows. So, these are some of the cases where people come asking for help and to make it thicker and fuller and sometimes even if it tells they have might a little bit of less hair on the side people come with all these requirements. In this procedure, the grafts will take out from the donor area and planted in the recipient area which is the eyebrow. Who is the IDEAL CANDIDATE for Eyebrow Transplant is a guy who has a scar on the eyebrows maybe because of injury it can be done to people who have thin eyebrows since childhood they never had those thick lush eyebrows it can be doing patients who have lost their eyebrows because of some diseases here I would like to mention the disease which is ALOPECIA AREATA which affects your hair growth sometimes most of the cases in fact in eyebrows. So in this disease mostly hair come back on their own or by some medications or by some injections so such cases should not talk to surgical hair restoration. Only long-standing cases or non-responding cases of ALOPECIA AREATA can out for surgical hair restoration if their disease is not active so what is the donor area that we use for eyebrow reconstitution so mostly we use the scalp hair or usually prefer by the surgeon the nip of the neck scalp because their hairs are thinner and they match the consistency. In Eyebrow transplant usually used body hair, these hairs are permanent and stay there forever these hair are color permanent because they are not restricted by DHT hormones, unlike scalp hair that can be thin after a period of time but usually, this hair remains there for a long period of time. The angles of the hair changed grammatically in the eyebrow especially around argue almost everywhere. One has to be very careful while making the slits while deciding the angles because if the eyebrow transplant is not done properly it will look really bad as the hair will stand out from some angles or like horns and it won’t look good you should get the surgery done from a surgeon who has experience of dealing with such cases then you only go for this who is a very skilled and sophisticated surgeon. The most important thing in this Eyebrow Transplant is when you take the hair transplant from the scalp you might face a problem that these hair grow faster than other so you have to cut them in maybe 10 to 15 days then gradually their growth rate will decrease and then you can cut them after 4-5 months later
In Eyebrow Transplant firstly made the proper design of the eyebrows that gives the natural look to the patient. Usually take scalp hair only for eyebrows because they are final hairs and that is depending on the area that takes many numbers of grafts from the scalp by the FUE technique and does it on the eyebrows. This procedure completes under local anesthesia gives on the area where hairs are thin or bald this local anesthesia also applies to the donor area to take out the grafts. So the important thing by doing an Eyebrow Transplant is to maintain the proper and natural shape of the eyebrows which is slightly upward from the side that is closer to the eye and that it got an angle and then it goes down and tail also which is little flatter so this natural direction of eyebrows have to maintain and while designing have to be careful to give the right number of holes in the right direction otherwise when the hair comes out they have been in different directions. Once the direction and the angle of the hair are taken you get the lines natural. Postoperatively you might have a little bit of the swelling area but all of these can be recovered in a month during this period patient takes some antibiotics and painkillers to reduce the issues. The growth of these hairs usually comes around six months later and you can even sys that the natural shape and everything taken in the period of one year. Another important thing that we have to be careful about eyebrows that once the hairs grow it can grow longer compatible with normal eyebrows, you can either do frequent threading or you can just trim those the length of the hair then it looks natural. This Transplant is mostly done by FUE procedure because this is one of the most reliable and painless procedure. If you are searching for an Eyebrow transplant in Lahore, then you may click and see before & after results https://hairtransplantt.com/eyebrow-hair-transplant/

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