Eyebrow hair transplant refers to a surgical procedure in which hair grafts are transplanted into the eyebrow area to achieve a fuller look. This relatively new procedure is gaining popularity because it creates very realistic thicker natural eyebrows that emphasize the face features and overall look of a person.
In recent years fuller bushy natural-looking eyebrows are trending the old draw-on eyebrow look is no more liked by people. Eyebrow hair transplant is providing with a solution by giving a permanently filed and reshaped brows.
Traditional methods:
Traditionally eyebrows are shaped and filled by using make-up products; eye pencil, brow Gels, brow growth serums, Microblading, etc. All these methods are temporary and do not last for a lifetime. Even in Microblading color starts to fade away after some time and the patient needs to refresh the color by revisiting the doctor.
Is eyebrow hair transplant permanent?
Yes, results are permanent, if surgery is well planned by a skilled surgeon who takes all the necessary measures under consideration.
Who is the best candidate for the surgery?
Patients having a good amount of matching donor's hair is the best candidate. Patients who desire to undergo the surgery can fall into two basic groups
People suffering from some medical conditions
People who lost eyebrow hair due to some reason
Medical conditions: such as
• Alopecia
• Scars or damaged eyebrows
• Any traumatic reason that resulted in loss or thinning of eyebrow hair
Cosmetic reason:
• People who suffer loss or thin eyebrow hair due to over-plucking
• Want to beautify their looks
• Want to remove the undesirable effects of tattoos or microblading.
Eyebrow hair transplant procedure:
It is the same as traditional hair transplantation.
Proper consultation:
As with all medical surgeries, this too needs proper medical assistance and consultation with a skilled dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. The analysis of whether the implant is needed or not? Is it possible? What patient is hoping for and what actually can be done? After taking all aspects into considerations, explaining it to the patient. Doctor plans the shape and dimension of the eyebrow. According to patients' facial features.
The procedure of eyebrow hair transplant starts with using local anesthesia. Hair grafts are harvested from the donor area, using FUE or FUT method. The donor area is the normal back of the scalp or behind the ear area. Removed hair is then divided into1-hair or 2-hair grafts by using a microscope. This is done to avoid over thickening or unnatural look of the eyebrow. These donor grafts are then inserted into the already marked and planned eyebrow area. Each hair is inserted according to the natural flow and dimension of hair to give it a natural look. Near about 100 to 350 grafts are used for one eyebrow.
The overall time taken depends upon individual conditions. Approximately it may take a few hours (2 to 3) to 6 hours depending on the size and condition of the eyebrow area.
Recovery and Result:
After rounds 3 to 4 weeks the implanted shafts start to fall out. But there is nothing to worry about. this a normal situation. New hair will regrow within 6 to 7 months giving a new fuller look to eyebrows.
After surgery care and precautions:
Few recommendations are given by the doctor to achieve good results of eyebrow hair transplant.
1. Don’t let the eyebrow get wet for the first five days of implant .it will help the hair to set in proper shape and to eventually grow.
2. Transplanted grafts are taken from the scalp so they may grow faster than actual eyebrow hair. Many patients need to trim them regularly. after sometime hair may adjust and do not need any trimming.
3. Sometimes the doctor advised some patients to avoid hard exercise for up to 2 to 3weeks.
Side effects of eyebrow hair transplant surgery:
As with all medical procedures patients sometimes experience some side effects, fortunately, they are avoidable.
Some after surgery complications such as
 Bleeding
 Scarring
 Infection
 Swelling
 Soreness of donor area
These complications are controllable .to avoid these doctors prescribe some medicines.
This revolutionary method has highly effective and dynamic results and satisfying a large no of people around the world.
• First and foremost is eyebrow growing naturally and permanently. Permanent three-dimensional eyebrows are possible to achieve.
• After surgery there is no need for eyebrows make-up.
• It disguises and covers the scars that do not look good apparently.
• It improves the density of the eyebrow that boosts the patient's overall confidence.
• It improves and balances overall facial aesthetics
There are some downsides of the procedure;
• Risk of ingrown hair
• If grafts are poorly placed the result may not look good in the end.
• It takes several months to re-grow new hair and come into perfect shape.
• Very rare, one potential risk is that new hair follicles may not regrow .in such case-patient may have to go through another surgery.
Taking all aspects into consideration we can say, eyebrow hair transplant is one of its kind surgery. People may have thinner eyebrows due to genetic problems, trauma, or medical problem. They can raise their confidence; look gorgeous by opting for this amazing surgery. All they need is good healthy donor hair that matches their eyebrow hair .and a regular maintenance routine, as they need to trim regularly. If you want to know more detail, click https://www.cheaphairrtransplant.com/

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