Just for a minute try to visualize living your life with poor eyesight, and carrying blurred vision everywhere you go, let alone forgetting to work as an IT professional. Inarguably, it is not a good situation to be in. So, what do you do to have healthy and properly functioning eyes?
You certainly don’t quit your job as an IT professional, but you instead look for ways to take care of your eyes. Here’s how!
1. Your eyes should be leveled with the computer screen
This is an incredibly helpful tip for professionals who end up spending most of their time starring at computer screens. Always, and always keep your eyes leveled with the computer screen to avoid straining of the eyes. Looking up or down at a computer screen may put lot of strain on the eyes. You must look straight at the screen, always!
2. Follow the 20-20-20 thumb rule
In case if you haven’t heard of this rule, it’s simple. After 20 minutes of working on the computer, look at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise will help immensely in taking good care of the eyes. It is advisable to take short breaks in between the work.
3. Get an eye checkup done
Even if you make more money than your other non IT mates, you are still more prone to getting minor eye related annoyances such as red eyes, eye twitching and so forth, and sometimes, it can even get worst. Therefore, it is imperative for you, as an IT professional, to regularly get your eyes checked from a qualified ophthalmologist.
4. Use LCD screens
If you are still using the old tube-styled monitor then get it replaced with a flat panel liquid crystal display (LCD). LCD screens are definitely a lot easier on eyes as compared to the old fashioned cathode ray tube (CRT). Also, make sure that in your new flat panel display, you select a screen with the highest resolution possible. The display of the screen is profoundly crucial in this case.
5. Arrange for proper lighting
Your ambient lighting should be mild and not too bright. Usually, eye strain is caused due to excessive light. Keep the interior lights low by using fewer light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Or, is possible, keep the positioning of the computer screen next to the windows of the room, instead of in front or behind it.
6. Blink your eyes
Since your job demands you to stare at the computer screen for longer duration, you are more prone to having drier eyes as compared to other industry-based professionals. You must learn to make a conscious attempt to blink your eyes once in every 30 seconds while working on the computer.

Parting thoughts
Simple things like visiting a doctor, eating well and taking enough sleep will help your eyes remarkably well. Your eyes are of absolute importance in your life. It’s the eyes that help you see the world, and therefore, taking them for granted is a big No.

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