So we have the crop circles and the Ziggurat symbols of hyperspace math given again in successive generations that have been forgotten and then re described by history in increasingly inaccurate forms of information from the original accounts beam projected onto fields with beautiful intricacy by the Grey large eyed visitors. Events like the burning of Alexandria in Egypt occur where a great library of records that threatened a new interpretation of historical events; the dawning of Christianity was destroyed. Study of my writings on the baobab tree (Origins of Astrology article) will explain to new readers how watered down information thousands of years old through our Earth’s history became so. Several scholars spoke of the visitors to Earth who did genetic engineering of the human race. All these events have and are taking place still quietly and swiftly behind the backdrop of a common day. Anyone who disbelieves this fact please study the videos on line and photos of archeological finds of skeletons as tall as the old Pharaohs structures built in Egypt upwards of ten feet tall and explain how this is possible.

So such recruited or abducted people who are often told they agreed in the light and may have may contribute to the declining civilization phenomenon that has been repeated over thousands of years in Earths history are engaged sometimes to receive information and to be studied. Those that engage them responsibly would allow full repair of them and leave them to have the mind and body heal and have some consistent peace. Fear and neurosis in some abduction reports is an example of an uneducated person in the ways of extra terrestrial technologies being wielded without full information or exposing them to the science of moving of the consciousness of a human through the brain attaining the various states and brain wave patterns necessary for the understanding of what is happening to them if they are engaged by a visit, or incorrect implantation methods with too much invasion of the body. Reducing the incidence of fear and neurosis from a visit by an extra terrestrial intelligence may occur when those engaged have armed themselves with knowledge about how their own bodies are wired through the brain and nervous system for this is engaged in the implantation process and gives power to say no from that knowledge to inferior implantation or too aggressive invasion of the body. For example sudden uncomfortable body symptoms that linger and healthy sleep patterns with night repair adversely affected is undesirable for a healthy individual through shoddy implantation by an observing extra terrestrial. Groups of people have been formed with such reports in addition to groups that have had favorable reports of life enhancing information received subconsciously that may or may not have been a direct result of an ET visitation. In addition many instances where ET contact was blocked out by the intervening race resulted in a bleed through of memory later. Why? Any time the consciousness is manipulated in a manner where memories are robbed without consent the soul's orientation with its truth may be in conflict with this. In order for highly evolved individuals that embrace spiritual teachings of a non religious nature especially inclusive of science memory retention or turning away from one purposefully sovereign is vital to maintaining an unblocked soul state.

If lovely crop circles and other information sharing is desired by the extra terrestrial visits with our society greater coordination with the earth’s people is necessary than what has occurred thus far. However because of the religious dogma that has separated the sciences from the old model of religion that unfortunately some world leaders still adhere to for ‘goodness’ and ‘trustworthy’ votes. Spiritual teachings have become more modern so; that readers of sacred texts of the ancient past like the Nag Hammadi Library do not have to puzzle over statements in a chapter on ‘nature being evil and what that has to do with a text by Jesus in the same book that suggests one kills a family member if necessary; coming to a realization of what that means without fear sending the reader back to Sunday church attendance is important. A stark contrast to the bible stories that many in power have adhered to in order to appease the population staying safe because the public is largely uneducated in these matters. This includes ancient historical facts that had more information on our origins than even science has included correctly because of them being shrouded in incorrect historical fact and new age dogma. Extra terrestrial study of us has resulted in a grey alien pop culture and scary books or a wide contrast to ‘imminent ascension’ or new age continuation of incorrect equivalent of mythic zed bible stories. So no wonder not enough of the public wanted to know about the ten foot tall archeological finds in areas where shorter skeletons were also found not far away. An importance of science, technology and energetic or enlightened spiritual education centers and material that assists in bridging this gap of information inclusive of sciences is what is heralding as a bright emerging future that even governments will be able to embrace when ready instead of the old religious model that is a longer route to decipher a handful of useful concepts. Some Schools of enlightened study do have more up to date, non religious or new age interpretations and facts of the ET phenomenon. Any that involves the knowledge of the brain and nervous system as an important part of our consciousness and understand some of the effects of consciousness engagement by ET's are leaders in their fields in a non dogmatic non misleading manner that helps to alleviate fear.
A great read for the actual technology of a UFO space craft is book called Occult Ether Physics as one source.

If seeding is really a way to preserve the minds and genetics of generations of souls observed incarnating by those who have much longer life spans (Christianity being one of the few religions that does not acknowledge reincarnation) some from our home planet some visiting and observing the progress collecting data, some engaging minds of those here and making decisions with them or unfortunately using them as pawns to wield their agenda with altruistic intent. If there are others from other star systems who live in such glorious consciousness or at least planetary conditions who have a more difficult time engaging the consciousness of television addicts who are uneducated about how their consciousness works upon visiting earth then the sharing of information is more difficult. Observing the writings on the phenomenon such as crop circles by humanity is a way that the ET’s who placed them there and others also are able to discern where the consciousness is at on Earth’s population engaging the formations and seeing if they recognize the symbols of DNA, mathematics other biological information that is a galactic language of people from all planets with sentient life. What is the purpose of the galactic and cosmic evolution or is it simply to have life on one planet where people sometimes forget to fill the recycling bin?

A seed is a being that has reincarnated here usually from a certain genetic lineage of greatness that is passed down from the original seeded Pharonic humanity by the visiting very tall extra terrestrials that engineered a shorter humanity (still taller than us today at that time) and from that became the bloodline of Jesus and the descendants from that bloodline and ones from other Pharonic lineages is still observed by extra terrestrial life today. Souls that are here on such incarnations are more likely to be drawn to higher consciousness building information and need not be the original souls incarnated from the myths of the Nefilim or the large boned people (whose skeletons brethren are found on Earth archeologically) and had purported sexual relations or more likely were genetically enhanced by some of the larger visitors. An egg from the female and a sperm from the male creating a baby is all it takes. After the leaving of the tall races then this likely was the only means left for them to seed genetically for the incarnating soul that desired to maintain a DNA material easy to work with and predisposed to study of higher consciousness stimulating material. What was not consistent was respect for the female sexual orgasmic experience during the seeding in the effects on follicular insemination of the DNA material formed for the incoming soul; this was neglected horribly as evident in the inequality of women present on Earth today in many societies. Where else did the genetic propensity for inequality come from? Please feel free to provide an alternate answer acceptable by the female population breaking the bonds of the past. Once the wisdom of the female population that knew herbology and natural medicine practiced and depicted in ancient Mesopotamian tablets was eradicated during the medieval with trials the degradation of natural healing knowledge that bore the allopathic care model and snake oil remedies including Coca Cola which used to contain real cocaine in the early days were born and a move towards prescription medication with many side effects replaced the natural whole plant wisdom. Still today that resurrection of herbal medicine is occurring.

In these times there are conflicts that are however being resolved over how the timeliness on Earth will look with all considered; science, medicine, philosophy, education, government and thousands of years of visitation here has included observing these time lines formed from the burgeoning of higher concepts and support of them.

I have seen is the beginning of the embraceable of disclosure of more info by our western government and a willingness to support more favorably ecological support and friendliness with the voting public. That is likely because of greater rapport with enlightened public who is choosing to be unafraid of government and share constructive input instead of just criticizing which may raise stress in leadership. Stress is a horrible place to lead from as there is greater inertia for clearing the brain to focus on enlightened objectives that are progressive for society. Any public egged on to harass government without praise is the mob being used to create that stress...for all have had UFO problems not just random abductees. How do they tell you that it’s all over our skies without defense in place to protect you? Be thankful that they have disclosed a lot and have left alone the internet and news paper information highways so that the news can get out to you and where they can do greater please do for there are those educating the public on the phenomenon to help prevent fear in a non new age movement.

A date with an 'extra terrestrial intelligence' in the future that is less political may be as simple as reading a great book, listening to certain music, watching an interesting film or documentary that is inspired by an earthling who knows the genetic code of our local galaxy is possible to unlock in the DNA by participating in experiencing enlightened forms of inspiring streams of data provided by Earth humans where there is only observation without gross invasion of the body. Quiet, non obtrusive observation of us by extra terrestrial races need not be a calamity on our local planet if coordinated greater with more respect especially of the productive, contributing population. In addition if a parent or other individual is implanted and the person frequently thinks about the other individual and involves their emotions then there is an amplified energy being sent psychically to the non implanted or implanted individual contemplated. This may affect or color the other individual a little so if the implanted individual is worrying about another then feelings of unease may plague the other party that are unwelcome. This is an example of irresponsible implanting practice where those who worry or have not healed their emotional tendencies that they project (some highly psychic individuals pampered by ET's who are not the greatest communicators because they withdraw into themselves and may have a passive aggressive tendency when roused by people) project this tendency. So ET's are not infallible and still evolving like humanity or any other race. This is where those working in the healing or other spiritual fields must be careful not to give their power away. Examining what archetypes and symbols are received is important if it engages the being on levels of consciousness that empower the being without projections that are irrelevant to the life. No one knows the soul greater than the one being it. So anyone implanted with implants that are of the highest, most non invasive technology meant only to support higher seventh seal function (some actually may interfere through side effects)projecting self confidence and moving with people of a disposition that is confident, non judgmental and non fearful without perversions (honoring sacred intimacy if involved with a lover) conducting the self to manage the mind daily towards higher consciousness is an ideal for anyone especially if implanted with mind amplified by that technology. A baby boom generation is turning geriatric slowly by clinging to a time line of their past 'hay day' which contains not their youth but geriatric progress for they are not moving in enlightened consciousness to the now. Some of the crop circle activity and other contributions to be fair have been to help keep people in the now about science and medicine not the 80's outfit with a high blood pressure prescription.

Since the early arrival of ET's on Earth prior to the construct of the great pyramids of Egypt in Mesopotamian tablets the record of ME's has been documented by scholars without definitions that capture the meaning of them entirely. What these may have been are deeds of ruler ship over the areas of cities and implantation may have been used a little later in the Egyptian dynasties to enhance the consciousness to create the grand ruler ship of the Pharaohs. A look at the initiations and the artistic, economic and ruler ship structure in the consciousness of the periods may give clues to the implantation systems enhancing consciousness to re stimulate the reemergence of dynasties that died out again several times and to enhance the reseeding of genetics. Same activity on Earth today to bring back the knowledge of sacred symbols on US money; Freemason hidden society information no longer hidden today and much more that was destroyed in the great Library of Alexandria. Some schools and organizations today teach that knowledge and that greatly enhances the empowerment of people to be treated respectfully by visiting cultures and peers.

The following is a brief account of types of implants used:

Bowel implants allow for data collection about the bowel. They may cause bowel bleeds and unpleasant symptoms similar to hemorrhoid pain if the bowel implant is not implanted correctly. Techniques may vary. This may put a person at risk for fecal contamination in the blood stream that may result in low grade aches and fatigue. Blue Matrix Energetics does not support the use of these implants in our clients.

Up the nose implants amplify energy that allows an enhanced psychic viewing and picture to receive in infra red lower frequency that may interfere with those who see light holographs during focus faster. May cause headaches, rebound congestion as he body tries to rid itself of the implant. The headache associated with these may feel like something cold against a part of the brain that gives the illusion of tissue constriction and soreness. They are used also as the energy rises and the cooling field occurs around a person during focus there is a mineral component to our blood and tissues that may interact with the implant in entropy that interacts with the body that captures the picture of the observer's thought like a picture taken that may be sent to another or collected as spying data. These I found produce a more hazy picture like a negative in the brain rather than a clean light image which is more prevalent for BME clients trained correctly therefore I do not like these used on my clients. Unfortunately wireless technology is an easy communication wave that enhances the collection of data through implantation and as the UFO beams are radio waves also it is not difficult to fly over and collect data with the same or similar beam in a wireless environment. Places like public libraries in a wireless environment are typical spying centers as a large amount of people are surfing and conducting their work. This is likely the case for most large organizations and it is up to those individuals to educate themselves about what is occurring and to take the appropriate action. Metal such as stainless steel is one substance that interferes greatly with the collection of data if a person is to sit in a metal encased room while working for example...rare in most buildings. A recent post on the news was a new type of paint that is created to bounce spying radio wave activity away from a location therefore the public is becoming aware of the spying activity. How are they placed in the individual? All it takes is a craft to fly over and they have a beam that can manifest anything in the body; placing an implant in an individual takes seconds and they leave. It is unnecessary to abduct an individual more rarely this has occurred and missing blocks of time more common to those 'worked with' and then placed back in conscious awareness in a local space time often with no memory of what was done. Bowel and nose bleeds are not uncommon if these implants are coming out or there are minor tissue ruptures.

There is a mid brain larger implant called the swtich that is like a tunning radio dial of frequency vibrations that is engaged by beings on space craft which is usually implanted at night in a deep sleeping individual. They can adjust the frequency vibration of the implanted person receiving information on whatever wavelength brain wave pattern they tune into him or her to with the persons focus. It is possible to check for this implant (which most people who do not have to run important 'mind' contributing to the collective in a meaningful way) by laying down relaxing and focusing on the mid brain area and seeing a tiny dial that the observer may see turning the vibrational reception of his brain down that puts the being toward the frequency of deep relaxed state that later turns into deep sleep where dreams and the consciousness may be engaged. It may be engaged by several races why fly space craft. Usually it is used inconjunction correctly with an ambiant study support pleaidian space craft; highly loving and efficient entities blue skinned interdimensional race of beings.

Tiny implants like two grains of sand in size are safe and amplify the energy of the brain during intense study, focus and meditation practices that creates a pleasant buzzing sensation. They amplify the field of the higher brain centers with full allowance of kundalini to move up the spine correctly and do not limit the frontal lobe or cortex to be limited to a particular frequency or vibration during focus. The implant plays a 'tone' that is in harmony with the brain as it is engaged by an inter dimensional, higher consciousness of an advanced, ship, ascended master who teaches on earth (please know 95 percent of writings on the internet about ascended masters is new age dogma and highly inaccurate) or by the higher consciousness by those implanted individuals who know how to stimulate the higher brain centers during focus. These are not used by the grey races; higher consciousness beings than them who have a safety technology that works with your natural Holy Spirit firing the brain and nervous system in higher focus use them and support the entity's sovereign Creator without the over babysitting or over studying of mankind problem some have experienced from the slower vibrational races.

If you suspect any unwanted bowel or up the nose implantation in meditation or focus ask that they be removed immediately. NOTE: Wireless signals are able to pick up on the up the nose implant and a picture may be taken of the individuals thought or focus..spied on. The silver round interstellar UFO's also have a beam signal that produces phenomenon like crop circles that is able to engage an individual and a picture taken of their focus. Be aware on wireless if you are implanted. If a signal is too high over the individual it may cause internal bleeding so the bowel and up the nose implants are undesirable for long term use or for any if an individual desires privacy and the disappearance of any side effects. The science of the up the nose implants is that with the focus of consciousness the metallic substance is cooled as the energy field increases in vibration of the implanted individual and begins to entropy where by during the entropy it conducts a bit of information to the rest of the body; we have minerals floating in our bodily fluids and a picture may be taken of our thoughts if they fly over to collect data same with bowel info from the field of the observers auric activity.

A camera implant also exists where it is placed behind the visual cortex in order to gather information on what a person is studying or looking at. What I dislike about these besides a lack of privacy unless agreed to(which is a privacy and human rights violation if they do not remove them upon request) is that during focus time the frontal lobe does not form the picture the same way if the camera implant is in place during closed eyed visualization. It is useful for gathering information about study habits however should be removed if it interferes with frontal lobe focus. If this occurs how is the observer to conduct remote view and other exercises without confusing the visual cortex upon firing the frontal lobe. If a being consents to this then it is then for some purpose of sharing information that may have been agreed to.

My position for Blue Matrix Energetics clients is that I do not desire them to be implanted with any substance that would hinder focus or cause any side effects related to the implant itself nor to be engaged by craft that does shoddy work with the cranial area. It is a human rights issue if implants are used against a person's will and not removed by request especially if they interfere with more advanced focus techniques or privacy where information gathered has been shared. Most are kind and comply with removal if a being is educated and asks for the removal.

Blue Matrix Energetics Quantum Mind Tech tools offers Energetics modules that are inclusive of energy science with energetic training and healing. With greater scientific and medical innovations it is possible to measure the effects of such training with greater efficacy. A renaissance of Mind and Spirit is possible when the barriers between energetic practices and science are gone due to the measuring capability of technologies that illustrate the movement of energy as conscious, directed and unlimited affecting or DNA potentials. Time lines for such are impossible to control and obsessing on what calendar system is used is not going to help as often this removes pockets of people from the scientific community that is not sold on a new calendar. Such has also transpired through history and may have lead to the attempted control of 'time' that often resulted in wars and conflict each time a new clock, calendar or monetary system was created. Was this an attempt at time travel and to take pockets of society forward together? Perhaps the Cling On Euphemism from Star Trek may now be understood. Implant practices used on humanity which more medical data is being revealed about every day must honor sovereign rights and freedoms of individuals and intellectual property in order to secure a cohesive relationship with those observing us especially among the more enlightened population.


Snapshot of light review or faster speed by the eye that naturally recedes slightly into the frontal lobe as the picture of a room for example with people in it and the data processed very quickly so that the info is then placed through the mid brain for intuitive information and then mapped into the cortex-es is personal intellectual property. Especially of those who study and are creating exemplary work on earth for a greater tomorrow. Run through another's cortex-es it is not processed as consciously mapped in our own and the information is not groved there 'fired' and hooked up. Intellectual property theft is the result and likely illegal in the future. Who desires to re map stolen bits of information in their cortex-es from invasive implanted theft by space craft that mapped it in another's instead?

In regards to Extra Terrestrial contact many groups exist and not all have the same philosophies and mandates. Just as we choose our human networks wisely so is the necessity to have that mind around Extra Terrestrial contact where naivete is no longer present. That is how respect is mutually given in most circumstances and a no victim, loving engagement may occur with those who are a similar loving vibration and alignment of intent with us. Clearly with a variety of groups and individuals on Earth it is not difficult to see the dichotomy. We are in the midst of a period of great changes on Earth and cohesive participation with a greater coherence is likely the greatest approach.


There has been some incidence of pornography or sexual activity used to feed the feeling of sexual arousal as the desire to crave or want to do something such as an activity to another person usually in the same house or next door. Such activity is suabel in the future for it is conscious manipulation of the other person's subconscious autonomic system to say make them desire to mow the lawn while the other is sexually engaged with the emotion of needing to climax driving the others behavior. There have been problems with this type of activity run on humanity from its implementation and implantation needs that is unlawful accordignto the grand extra terrestrial council to use on those who do not desire to be used as the pornography consuming or sexually active individual or on those who study to awaken their divine intelligence as the 'run person.'

This is not a channeled or extra terrestrially transmitted writing.

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