Interior design might seem like a daunting, best-left-to-the-professionals project, but don’t be intimidated. After all, who knows your home better than you? You are the best judge of your own taste, and, with a little inspiration and design know-how, it is entirely possible to transform your living spaces. Paints are the easiest place to start, because colour not only brightens up walls and rooms, it’s a beginning point for an entire mood. For example, do you have a kitchen and dining area that you want to welcome your friends into? Why not give it a fresh coat of blue, with a few clean white borders? These colours will shape up any kitchen. And while you’ll get bonus points for new appliances, colour has a way giving a space a definite mood.

These days, finding interior design ideas is easy. There’s no need to rely on friends and family. Don’t copy their homes – strike out on your own and discover what will work for you. First, define the dreamed-of decor. Is it cool, vibrant or neutral? Maybe it’s even bright and glamorous? Let’s break down what these options offer. A cool setting is tranquil and nurturing. Think calm blues and greens. These colours are great for a space where you would prefer to relax, like a bedroom. In contrast, vibrant choices include hot shades such as reds and oranges. Perfect for action, use these hues where you want to have fun or spark an upbeat spirit. They could, for example, be ideal for a dining room. Imagine the lively dinner parties they would encourage.

On another track again, neutrals are about sophistication. Balancing out all that action we were talking about, hues like grey and brown will be suitable for a study or library space. Anywhere you need to concentrate. Finally, we can’t forget that glamorous option. This is the luxurious end of the spectrum, so think purples and rich shades. Maybe this will work for your bedroom. Remember, it’s entirely up to you.

It’s nice to think about all these different suggestions, but seeing that we’re discussing the visual, make sure that you seek out as many different inspirations as possible. Before you decide on your paints, read interior design magazines and even look up a few design blogs. These will be especially helpful when it comes to furnishings, which play an important part in complimenting your colour choices. Once again, your options here are endless. They will be limited only, perhaps, by your budget, but even that shouldn’t be too daunting a barrier. There are all kinds of choices available. Enjoy looking at those chairs, tables and cushions, but, if necessary, consider how their ‘look’ can be reinterpreted in a cost-effective way. So, compile those interior design ideas, and remember that paints are an excellent, easy place to start!

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