Poetry makes every expression more beautiful that marks an impression on everyone. It is the way of expressing feelings that can melt the hearts. It is a way to share the feelings of sadness, anger, love, beauty and happiness. Poetry or Shayri is the inner voice of the poet that engages the readers also and make them relate with the feelings. We sometimes break into tears when we read that Dard Bhari Shayari that is due to the catharsis effect. It is the best and aesthetic way to share the feelings with your friends and loved ones.

Poetry in native language casts a magic spell to touch someone’s heart. Hindi poetry images are the best to send to your special one if you want to tell them about your feelings.

Gazals and love poems

You can find the best shayari images in Hindi, Urdu or English by the top poets. The images are truly for the lovers and broken heart people to select from the collection of sad poetry images. It is not necessary that you read and share the poetry when you are sad or heart-broken but sometimes you have got the mood enjoy poetry. You can enjoy the Gazals and poems and share those with your friends on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Communicate about your love

Dard Bhari Shayari is the best way to tell your loved one about how much you love them. The deep inside meanings and expressions of affection and sincerity are the best portrayed with the poetry. Every time they will read it they will feel the love inside it that you have sent through the special words. The images with Hindi poetry in Hindi or English words are also easier to share as your status or individually.

A great collection of two line poetry

There are certain things that you cannot day with your ordinary words but two lines of poetry can say it in a better and impressive way. You can find and download HD images of two line poetry that are designed with the background image of sadness to enrich the impact of the image and engage the readers. The images actually show what the pain of love is.

Friendship Shayari

It is not necessary that poetry is only about mohabbat or pyar. There are also Shayari about the ultimate and the strongest relation of friendship that you can share with your friends.

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