Every home and office has windows. It lets in air and light, you get a view outside, depending on where you live that might be a great view or not, but it still means you are left feeling claustrophobic inside. Where once windows were a complete luxury for the wealthy, now they are an expected part of a building. On the inside of the office or home people often use window treatments around them. These have a practical purpose to give privacy, control the light coming in and offer some insulations sometimes too. They also are a decorative aspect of the interior space. The types of treatments that are popular have ebbed and flowed over the centuries, where once most people has curtains, drapes or some such, now people choose from a larger variety of options including different types of blinds like linked roller blinds and horizontal window blinds.

Horizontal window blinds

There are a variety of different materials you can choose to have your blind made from depending on the look you want and what you want the designer blinds to do. While there are a variety of types a popular option is horizontal blinds. You can get them in more than the typical vinyl you might think of. Wood is attractive and you can also choose a modern-looking metal. The more common blind type that is an example of a horizontal blind is Venetian blinds. Slats link together and go horizontally across the window.

Most horizontal blinds have a chain control on one side of the blind which is where you control the opening and closing of them. When they are closed no one can see in and you cannot see out, when you have them fully open you can see out but it is still hard for anyone to see in. For large windows, you want to cover you can choose linked roller blinds. You can then have control of each blind so one part can be open more fully than another.

Choose a material to suit your privacy needs

The material you choose for your blind depends on the kind of light-blocking effect you want to create. can be made from transparent fabrics to allow more light through and allow you to see out. You can get the opposite, a blockout material that completely blocks all light, great for nurseries and bedrooms and movie watching rooms. More opaque means more privacy too. If you want something in between you could go for something translucent.

Other types of designer blinds

There are also vertical blinds, roman blinds and roller blinds as some examples of more common types you see. Roller blinds are very easy to use, and are just a sheet of fabric that you move up to see out and then lower for privacy. A Roman blind is similar, when it is down it looks like one piece of material but as you lift it up it stacks up. Whatever blind you choose make sure you have measured your windows correctly!

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This article penned by Lora Davis