The idea of letting others tell you how to run your business is not tempting at first glance. You have poured years or even months of hard work to create your massive child, and suddenly when things do not turn out pretty well, you seek outside help? Whether you like or dislike this cold, hard fact about running a business, the truth is you need a consultant to help you out from the massive debacle your company may become one day.

This is exactly what a good lean consultant comes into the scenario. These consultants are way better than the textbook read consultants and will not spoon feed every once in a while. Instead, they will help you cut down unnecessary expenses (whether manufacturing or not), streamline the manufacturing methodology, and guide your decision-making process to get things back on track.

So without wasting much more time, let's dive into what exactly lean consulting is and how lean consultants make the world a beautiful place for manufacturers.

What Do Lean Consultants Do?

A consultant is someone who holds impartial views about your office and guides you all the way to reach your end game. It could be someone who could help you achieve financial targets or someone who knows techniques to bring down the production cost. That being said, the role is temporary and helps others avoid the tunnel view and show the bigger picture. This, thus, in return, leads to high yields with fewer overheads.

On the other hand, lean consultants help founders elevate their tunnel views. Being in the industry for long enough, founders develop myopia that works in the short term goals. Lean consultants help founders eradicate this myopia and help them to see the grand vision and how they can achieve it in a systematic manner.

The process begins with discovery calls and then identifying principal issues that could be eradicated systematically. Thus manufacturers hire consultants who help remodel manufacturer's needs and help them earn substantially.

So How Do Consultants Really Help?

Now that you have established the authority of how things work with lean consultants, it's time to explore the multiple aspects of what advantages do lean consultants actually provide.

Here are the key points of how consultants really help.

#1: Providing Growth Strategies

The ultimate aim of a business is to generate sufficient cash flow while achieving small and attainable goals. However, because of the nature of the industry,
manufacturing companies find it difficult to progress on their journey. Innovation in the manufacturing industry refers to the modernization of existing processes with advanced methodologies and solutions that costs substantial and are risky by nature.

On the other hand, companies that fail to change with the current times risk their entire existence. For instance, 88% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 does not exist today. This has been the dilemma of companies over the years and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

This is where lean consultants fit the picture. They help manufacturers eradicate their myopia and set clear, attainable, and clear goals in the process. Furthermore, working with other companies and the tactics they have employed can help them pivot from money bleeding machine to an innovative, money churning mill.

#2: Developing the Right Workforce

A quick, interesting fact – almost 95% of the United States population would turn 60 or above by the year 2025. While this is concerning for the economy, it is a greater threat to the manufacturing companies who pose as a not exciting career to the younger generations. The situation is grave and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

The solution? Lean consultants say make a career in manufacturing as fancy as possible. Celebrate the manufacturing day and call children of all grades to cultivate the thought that manufacturing is an exciting career. Other tactics employers could execute can be hiring apprenticeships or modifying and bringing innovation in hiring methodology. For instance, since 2017, manufacturing companies have been able to nearly 410,000 apprentices!

Consultants could help companies develop highly dynamic and robust workforces by exposing them to both traditional manufacturing machinery along with the cutting edge techniques that are around the corner. In a similar fashion, the power of tribal knowledge could also be passed on for developing strategic skills among the younger generation.

#3: Implementing Lean Operations

Lean manufacturing could prove to be a beneficial methodology that comes packed with a focus on customers' reactions first and then on the issues and behavior of the staff. While lean manufacturing pose as a great chapter, most often than not, it does not end up well. The resistance of workers to change their behaviors and patterns every once in a while does not sync with the mindset of the workers and hence turns futile in most cases.

This is where smart, lean consultants come into play. They understand people better than machines. What triggers and what does not plays a pivotal role and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Concluding Remarks

Running a business is hard and bringing mammoth changes from deep down the ladder is even harder. A lean consultant develops a 360-degree approach on the above-mentioned points and hence could not be ignored at all costs. For instance, the consultant makes a look at your existing supply chain and tweaks as per the needs. If things work out well, there could be more additions or subtractions that make it even more useful. This is how a lean consultant operates.

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Saloni Vohra is a content marketing specialist at Ribcon. She has a background in content marketing, storytelling, and journalism. Saloni’s editorial focus blends tpm training course in India and creative strategy with topics like Kaizen consultancy, Kaizen consultant, performance tracking software, Cost Reduction.