This year can be about revitalizing your living space. Now is a great time to start the remodeling process to achieve a home that is stylish but still practical. With the help of a professional interior renovation contractor in Freehold NJ or where you are, you can really make some important changes.

Have better indoor/outdoor flow
Having a sliding glass door, or bi-folding doors in the kitchen or living room is a great way to have better flow from outdoors to indoors and vice versa. It is a trend that has been gaining steam as people spend more time on their patio or balconies. They want to relax, enjoy the outside and extend their living space.

Go for bold and colorful interiors
Neutral is fine sometimes, but this year is about adding more personality to a room, and that includes bold colors and vibrant hues. When you employ house renovation contractors in Colts Neck, NJ once the process of design begins talk to them about accent walls, bright decor and colorful upholstery options. You can also talk with the expert about having more patterns and textures in a room to make it more inviting and dynamic.

Have spaces that work in a multifunctional way
People have had to alter a few things since the pandemic and one of them has been working from home. While many businesses are back to normal, a lot have embraced the advantages being able to work from home offer their employees. This means people need a space they can work in. While you can have a separate office if you want, you could create a more multifunctional space. An office when it is working hours and maybe a guest bedroom when it is not.

Make a statement with the kitchen
Kitchens in many homes are the heart with people in and out, cooking, eating, homework, coffee dates and more. You could ask your interior renovation contractor in Freehold, NJ to take advantage of that and have a kitchen that makes a statement. Modern creative storage options, a statement island, a granite countertop and don’t forget those smart appliances.

Indulge in a luxurious bathroom
The bathroom is more than a location to get ready in or to clean in. You can take advantage of it to rejuvenate and de-stress. Look at walk-in shower options with different showerheads, a soaking tub, heated flooring and such. Use high-end fixtures and a great vanity.

You can talk to house renovation contractors in Colts Neck, NJ about creating areas in your home that are modern, meeting your new demands and values. Whether you start with the kitchen, living room, bathroom or another area, you have the chance to elevate your home to something that is both practical and beautiful. Embrace the color, the boldness and everything 2024 design has to offer you. You can have a home that properly reflects who you are today. Look for contractors and designers who rank highly and have relevant experience.

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