Do you know what is that one thing which can add a “wow” factor to your ravishing house? The traditional form of Window treatment, Shutters give an ecstatic feeling to the house owner. Aesthetically pleasing, these shutters are multipotential, as they serve as a protecting layer, provide privacy, ventilation, and many more.

Favourite window treatment of many, Shutters was invented by the Greeks where the louvres were made up of marbles. Marbles back then were not much a flexible option and hence there was a requirement to find a material that offers the same functionality but is flexible for opening and closing of the shutters. Soon wood replaced the marble louvres and provided a great control over air and light.

Also, many variations in terms of wood type, size, shape, and colour started to happen. The large colonial mansions in South America had some outstanding and elegant window treatment that looked visually appealing.

We can say until the 1980s the plantation shutters had large louvres that can be rotated for opening and closing of the window. But with the technological revolution, the manual opening and closing were replaced with automation, and now you can just say, “Yes, shutters, please open up” and there you go being served in the most comforting way.

Today shutters can be customised in every manner from the size, shape privacy control, light control, etc. They act as the most stylish decoration of the house, making it look chic. Shutters act as an interior window treatment as well as exterior. They blend well into every form of architecture and design. Let’s have an overview of the different types of plantation shutters that increase the style statement of the house.

Wood Shutters:

Originated as an artwork of woodworkers in America, they polished the craft piece into an exceptional looking shutter that topped the list. Later, dark wood and natural stains of the wood shutters gained maximum attention and complemented the house look. The wood shutters are incredibly durable but need more care as it absorbs moisture and gets scratches.

Composite Wood Shutters:

The wood imparts strength, and the vinyl coverings protect the residents from the harsh UV sun rays. The hollow louvres give a high level of insulation and offer ease of use. So it’s a win-win situation for the buyer.

Vinyl Shutters:

These shutters are made from a strong synthetic poly-resin material and possess the strength to resist environmental effects which can cause warping, fading, and scratching. The classic wood look is suitable for any area of the house from kitchens, playrooms to bathrooms. They are highly durable, sturdy, and need low maintenance.

Now that you know various types of plantation shutters Melbourne let’s know more about the styles of shutters.

Choosing the best style that gets seamlessly blend with your house interiors is an overwhelming task. The structure and the charm of stylish plantation shutters Melbourne create a luxurious window treatment.

French Shutters:

This fantastic looking stylish shutters should be installed in a way that they open in the opposite direction to that of windows and doors. The rectangular glass panels and the full-length door elevates the look and feel of the house.

Multi-Tier Shutters:

Isn’t it an amazing thing that you have complete control of the opening and closing of the shutter that too at each level? Yes, you read it right. You can keep the shutters half closed and half-opened according to your mood and requirement. So let’s start customising the shutter functionality as per our choice and make an impressive style statement.

Arched Window Shutters:

This shutter type has a deck out in the shutters which is extended above the window in the form of a beautiful arch.

Angled Window Shutters:

Angled Window Shutters look best on the angled windows or teeny windows.

Wide Slat Shutters:

We know the bathroom and kitchen are the areas that need maximum sunlight during the day time. And hence, these extra-wide slats are gaining popularity by making the bathroom look stylish.

Here we have listed down some major benefits of shutters which a prospective buyer must know before making a purchase.

Shutters provide safety and security:

Shutters help in keeping the prying eyes away from the house. They require efforts to open it from the opposite side and also are sturdy. For further security, you can add locks and bolts which will bring complete security of the house.

Shutters control the temperature and insulate the house:

Shutters offer excellent insulation and temperature control, keeping your living space at ambient temperature. This means the area remains cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

They protect you from bad weather:

If the wind is blowing at high speed, shutters act as a shield and protect you from the high-speed winds. You do not have to worry if there is a thunderstorm situation or debris in the atmosphere; you can always close them and prevent the wind from entering.

Shutters allow you to have your privacy and light control:

One of the main reasons why people install shutters is, they want a completely private space while resting. Thus you have a double benefit situation. You can open and close the shutter as per the requirement and also control the amount of light entering the house. Remote-controlled shutters are also available in the market. So, now with complete ease, you can operate the shutters sitting on the couch and sipping hot coffee.

Along with enhanced functionality, they look aesthetic:

Without a doubt, with so many styles and designs to choose from, shutters enhance the look of the room. And, along with this, they offer the highest amount of flexibility. Isn’t it a really amazing thing that even if you are out of town, you can still control the window shutters and ensure safety? Therefore, they are really excellent window treatment.

Along with shutters, retractable fly screen are also very famous and keeps unwanted guests away from the house. For more guidance on which shutter type would go best with the house, you can contact an expert. But according to us, shutters are a must for a window treatment. You never know, your selected design for the shutters may outlast the ongoing trends. They are available at a very cost-effective price and suitable for every budget.

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