There are a lot of great places to visit and things to do on the Isle of Wight. It will take several visits to get through it all and that is why so many return year after year. Great for families, but also great for everyone else too, two popular places on the island are Sandown, Isle of Wight and Colwell Bay. Here is a closer look at what the two places look like.

Sandown, Isle of Wight - Sandown is located on the southern coast of the island and is a popular spot due to its lovely golden beaches, typical seaside attractions including a pier, many restaurants, pubs, and things to do. It has won several beach awards and things to do include the old fort, an interactive dinosaur museum, fossil-rich walks, coastal wildlife, amusements, fair rides, shops, water sports and more. Enjoy windsurfing, swimming, kayaking and so on on the sea or a typical bucket and spade beach visit. For adults, there is also the Sandham Gardens. There are several putting attractions along with bowling, karting and the big bounce. Sandown Isle of Wight is not just for children and families, it is somewhere couples can have a great time, nature lovers can explore various offerings and there is even a zoo to visit and Amazon world if you love animals.

There are a great number of options for refreshments. Ice-cream shops, cafes licensed and non-licensed, fish and chips, fresh seafood, restaurants in all kinds of shapes and genres. From chains to family own, family-friendly to upscale, all at different price ranges to suit any visitor. A unique place to head to if you love garlic is the Garlic Farm Cafe in Newchurch. There are also a lot of places to stay, from campsites to bed and breakfasts, to hotels. Some Are family-friendly, some are for adults only and some even pet friendly!

Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight - If you head more west you find a picturesque beach in Colwell Bay. There are stunning views of England's coast and an easy to access beach that has sand and shingle sloping gently enough for it to be suitable for swimming. It is popular with families and you can enjoy the cafe, restaurant and bar as well as shops selling everything you might need on a beach, some great souvenirs as well as snacks to enjoy and of course great ice-cream.

At Colwell Bay Isle of Wight there is everything you need. Toilets, parking and a great beach to walk along and enjoy. From there you can see Hurst Castle and Fort Albert, the latter was once a Victorian gun tower. It is also a great place if you enjoy watching yachts sailing by as the gap between the Isle of Wight and England's mainland is more narrow here, so they pass by closer. The bay has won awards for its water and beach quality but check the tide tables. During high tide, there is not much beach but you can sit on the sea wall, enjoy the other things there, while you watch and wait for the tide to go back out.

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