China is one fascinating country
to visit because of its historical landmarks and unique cultural experience
that you’ll expect. Fortunately, you don’t have to fly to the Middle Kingdom
just to experience it because there are many Chinatown attractions in Australia
that will wow you! There is something special and exciting waiting for you in
the different places of interest in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and
Brisbane because the Chinese left an indelible imprint in Australian
history and culture
. It is not surprising that their communities have
become attractions for both local and foreign tourists so if you want to know
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in Australia is quite distinctive than other similar ethnic communities
scattered throughout the country. The massive Chinese immigration has
transformed certain areas in the country into multicultural enclaves of other
Asians as well. The growth of these areas has made it unique tourist attraction
for people who want to experience something new. Here are some of the most
popular attractions:

The distinctive paifang is the
landmark of Sydney’s bustling Chinese community. A popular place where you can
hear Catholic Mass in the Cantonese language is the St. Peter Julian’s Catholic
Church. Other Chinatowns have emerged in suburban locations such as that of Burwood,
Campsie, Ashfield, Auburn, Fairfield, Marrickville, Chatswood, Eastwood,
Parramatta, and Hurstville.

Unlike the Sydney
Australia Chinatown
, Melbourne has deeper roots because the community
started during the gold rush of the 1850’s. Flower Drum and other best Chinese
restaurants, specialty gift and souvenir shops, and other businesses are
conveniently located around Lonsdale Street, Little Bourke Street, Bourke
Street, and Russell Street. There are separate locations in Ballarat, Bendigo,
Castlemaine, and Creswick.

One of the unique things that
you’ll notice when you visit Brisbane’s Chinatown is the fact that bilingualism
is practiced. Located in the heart of the Fortitude Valley suburb, it has its
own gateway lined up with the best stores, restaurants, groceries, and
entertainment hotspots.

Located on Moonta Street, the
Adelaide Chinese community has a similar atmosphere and charm of the Chinatown
in Sydney, Australia
. It is situated within the large Adelaide Central
Market precincts of Grote and Gouger streets with two paifangs complemented by
Chinese guardian dragons on both entrance and exit.

Though the Chinatown is
officially located on Northbridge’s Roe Street, most of the Chinese and other
Asian businesses are located in William Street.

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