The Truth is that you are a vast, limitless being who chose to come to earth and be in a body. During the process of trying to squish this vastness into a small body you needed to choose some limitations in order to fit into a human form. It is all a grand game and you decided which limitations you would play with. As you accept who you really are, a vast limitless creator, then the game and your life take on a new dimension. Instead of struggling, feeling unworthy and fake, you can experience and live from a place of our Expanded Self.

The game of this life flips on its end; the rules are totally opposite what they were before. As the creator of your limitations, you can claim back the power you gave to those limitations and use that energy and power to expand your consciousness.

As a tiny child, you needed all your limitations so you could learn to function on earth. Imagine taking infinite vastness and trying to put all of that in a body – quite a remarkable task. So you chose to keep some parts of your magnificence and to leave, limit, hide or deny other parts of your magnificence. It is how you decided to play the game of life. When you grasp that you are the creator, you can then take back your power, otherwise you are a victim of circumstance.

Shame, guilt, panic, terror, anger, and rage are all ways you have created to hide who you are. When you go beyond these limitations what is revealed is the truth of who you are – a magnificent abundant being. All the fears that stop you from living big and being in an Expanded State are the pointers to your freedom. Follow the fear to its core; there you will burst into the Truth of who you are. As you bring Radical Gratitude to those fears and stuck places, you will find the gift of your magnificence.

I invite you to take this opportunity to explore this new depth of transformation in your life.

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The audio meditation ‘Expanded Self ~Part 1’ you through a step-by-step process to explore your masterful creations, reclaim you power and experience your vast abundance.

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