If you’re in Australia’s festive city and planning a day off to explore its many wonders, Adelaide river cruises are an option you should consider. The third largest city of Australia holds as many wonders on land as it does in its waters, and here are some surprising reasons why you should consider taking off to its waters!

See one of the fastest fish in the sea on an Adelaide River cruise

Southern Bluefin Tuna are known to travel over speeds of 60 km/h, which might not sound like much in automotive terms but when a hunter fish travels at that speed underwater, little is left for its prey to imagine it’s quickly impending fate. Get up and close and swim with these quick fishies on a Granite island discovery Adelaide river cruise or if you’re not very keen on meeting this gentlemanly fish up close, watch them at a safe distance from viewing areas specifically designed to get you as close to them as possible without getting wet! Some cruises also offer you to feed these fish, a unique experience since you will barely notice the fish snatch the food off of your hands at exceptionally high speeds!

Visit the aboriginals, see waterfalls, cliffs and more on a Murray River Day Cruise!

If you have a day to spend in Adelaide and are not sure which activities you should go for from all of the many options, you could go for a Murray River Day Cruise which is sure to keep you entertained throughout the day with its exceptionally thought out itinerary. Start off by heading out to see the gorgeous Mannum waterfalls, an adventurous location suitable for all ages. Head out on a Murray River Cruise next, and experience unique Australian landscapes and the abundant local flora and fauna. A hearty lunch follows, featuring the region’s best produce on your table paired with the best river views. Next up on your adventure is visiting aboriginals and learning more about their life 5000 years ago, followed by a visit to the majestic Big Bend cliff, then on a closing note, a local farm to close things off for the day where you can witness a different lifestyle from the city, and native Australian animals.

Swim & snorkel up and close with the puppies of the sea on an Adelaide River Cruise!

On this Adelaide river cruise to the pristine turquoise waters of Steal Cove at Port Lincoln, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up and close to nature as you swim and snorkel close to the “puppies of the sea”, Sea Lions! Get amazing pictures of you clicked with these photogenic creatures at their aquatic playground for a memory that you surely talk a lot about! This cruise is an active part of responsible animal tourism and ecological sustainability plans and you will get to learn more about all of this and much more from the friendly and approachable tour guide for the day.


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If you’re in Australia’s festive city and planning a day off to explore its many wonders, Adelaide river cruises are an option you should consider.