Explore The Interesting Places To See In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land like no other, and land full of mysteries. There are so many interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka. All these interesting places to see in Sri Lanka have unique identities. The tour companies in here are offering some amazing tour packages for tourists and locals as well. They are offering packages such as, one day tours, beach holidays, honeymoon trips, wild life safari trips etc in affordable rates. Also this is the effective way to explore this island. You will be provided with a vehicle for transportation too. To make your choices easy the tour companies in Sri Lanka have came up with some quality tour packages, which can be booked online through their websites.

Yala Safari Day, In Sri Lanka With Your Loved Ones

Yala national park known as Ruhunu national park is one the most visited and the second biggest wild life national park in Sri Lanka. This amazing destination is located in the southern part of the island. Tissamaharama could be the lodging destination for you, if you are about to go on a Yala safari. There are more possibility to witness leopards if you could book a full length Yala safari, that starts at 5.00 am and finishes at 6.00 pm. While in your safari you can witness more than 100 species of bird, butterflies, plants other wild life animals such as boars, deer, elephants, crocodiles, porcupines, bulls etc.

Refreshing Day At The Coastal City Of Galle

Galle is a premiere tour destination and an interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka located in the south east coastal region. Madu river safari is an amazing activity to be part in. Toddy is famous here. You can taste your first zip of toddy here. The Galle dutch fort is a famous destination in here. It is recognized as Sri Lanka's one of famous UNESCO heritage site. Other than these you can visit to places like Tsunami museum, Turtle hatcheries, fishing markets, lighthouse etc. Witnessing the stilt fishermen is an amazing thing. You can try their positions too for a photo session.

Escape To Colombo, The City Of Leisure

Colombo is undoubtedly one of the leisurely and happening places to see in Sri Lanka. This is the entry and exit point for the tourists. Colombo is a shopping paradise where you can buy branded and imported products. Other than shopping it also owning some historic places like Gangaramaya located in the heart of the city, Colpetty. This is one of the greatest tourist attraction in here. Don't miss the night life in this bustling city. It is amazing, you can participate in night parties in the famous clubs and restaurants in here. Also it is the best time to explore the street food world of Colombo. Galleface green is the ideal location to start your street food journey in here.

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