Being bi-lingual or multi-lingual has plenty of advantages irrespective of the field one is associated with. For a business entrepreneur, an ability to communicate in Indonesia is a blessing if his clients hail from the Southeast Asian country. It depicts an image that he can appreciate diverse cultures genuinely. From the perspective of a job seeker, a good command over the language can work wonders for him in terms of his career. Apart from these, knowing the language is an added advantage for those who are relocating there for higher education. We have put together some amazing benefits of learning Indonesian language and acquiring proficiency in it.

1. Delve deep into the culture of the country

Indonesian language offers a perspective into the Indonesian culture and society. Understanding how the language works will help candidates understand the people they are dealing with when it comes to corporate reasons & business purposes.

2. Speak fluently with the natives

Not many people in Indonesia can interact in English and understand it which really invites troubles for travelers and tourists. If someone visits the remote locales, small cities and rural areas, Indonesians speak their native language called Bahasa Indonesia or communicate in their own dialect. Even if they speak Indonesian, their pronunciation may not be easily commiserated by travelers. As a result, they won't be able to buy or say something they don't intend to convey. So it will be wise to undertake an Indonesian language course in Kolkata if someone is planning a vacation in the exotic city of Bali.

3. Study literature and delve profoundly into it

Indonesia is famous for its literature and beautiful artistic works such as pantun, sajak, puisi, gurindam, and seloka. All these are different types of verses or poems. Apart from these, there are a plenty of interesting stories, fables and mythologies involved with different districts in Indonesia so learning the language will help trainees to dig deep into the literature.

4. Explore the real Indonesia in holiday

Taking classes in language or enriching linguistic skills is a shrewd investment and if it is Indonesian, then it is just awesome. People with their ability to speak Indonesian can explore the picturesque Southeast Asian country extensively without having to feel anxious about interacting with the locals.

5. Boost job opportunities for building an excellent career

There are plenty of jobs that require fluent oral & written communication skills in Indonesian language such as translation and language trainer. Even other vacancies such as tourist guides and liaison officers also require personnel who have sound command over Indonesian language. So there is no dearth of job opportunities for candidates who are adept in speaking and writing Indonesian language with the appropriate use of grammar and vocabulary. An Indonesian language course in Kolkata trains candidates with classes in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar to add significant value to their CV.

6. Interact with foreign clients visiting India or during business trips

People living in Indonesia can connect easily with those who can speak their language. This is especially crucial if someone wants to do business there. Understanding the culture and the language is the secret to their corporate success.

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