Dubai is one of the excellent traveling and tourism places in the world. It attracts the attention of international visitors. The city is well known for its construction industry having the tallest building of the world named as Burj Khalifa. Many of the tourists especially search for Lahore to Dubai Ticket Price on the internet and then do the reservations to go to Dubai and watch the top of the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. Tallest hotel in the world and one of the most expensive hotels in the world is also located in Dubai. Its name is Burj Al Arab.

You can also go to Dubai by using Air Blue Flight Booking. There is very good news for the people of Dubai and all of the international visitors that Quranic Park has been opened in Dubai for the public. It is located at the Al-Khawaneej. Since its, opening it has received a large number of visitors from inside and outside of Dubai. It features 43 plants and 7 Miracles of the Prophets which are mentioned in the Holy Quran. The entry fee of the park is none and it means every category of the tourist can easily enter the park and see the wonders of the parks. There are two major portions of the park. First one is called Glass House and the second one is called Cave of Miracles.

The Glass House

The Glass House is a top tourist attraction as it contains information about the plants which are referred to in the Glorious Quran. There are various shops located inside the Quranic Garden which are selling plants and herbs that are indicated in the Glorious Quran. Mr. Dawood Abdul Rehman Al Hajri who is the Director-General of Dubai Municipality said about the Glass House that
“Among the most important elements of the project is the Glass House containing the plants mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah, which grow under certain temperatures and special environmental determinants, as well as shops selling herbs and plants mentioned in the Holy Quran,”
The park is a very long one and it covers an area of the 60 hectares. There are different kinds of the garden located inside the park, gorgeous fountains which attract the attention of the tourists and walkways for jogging, exercising and cycling.

Cave of Miracles

The second part of the park is the Cave of Miracles. It contains different miracles which are attributed to the prophets and they are mentioned in the Quran. We are going to list some miracles of the prophets which are indicated through the Quran. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had the miracle of reviving a bird, Prophet Musa (AS) miracle of splitting the sea into two parts; Prophet Isa (AS) had the miracle of making the bird out of clay and much more miracles.

Discovering Different Sites of the Park

There are many gardens which are located inside the park but the most famous one are the 12 gardens. Each plant has a unique category of the benefit and all the plants which are grown inside the park are also mentioned in the Holy Quran. They have scientific and other benefits at medicinal benefits and other types of medicinal uses. The plants are: pomegranates olives, melons, grapes, figs, leeks, onions, lenis, sugar bone, pond beans, tamarind, basil, pumpkins, and the cucumbers.

The park has one of the latest energy systems and that is solar energy. The trees are specially designed for producing solar energy for getting the electricity in the park. WI-FI systems are also installed on the trees, phone charging stations. It is the excellent ability that you can search for the phone charging stations. There is a seating plan for the visitors which mean that while doing recreation and tourism can easily sit inside and relax while walking for watching different wonders of the park.

Visitors can tour the Quranic Park from 8 am to 10 pm and had a very large amount of the parking lot. Forgoing inside the Cave of Miracles, there is ticket charged for it and you can use your NOL Card for this purpose. There is a station for the recharging of the NOL Card because you must buy the tickets for entering into the Cave of Miracles.

The purpose behind the construction of this park is to present Islam interactively so that Muslims and non-Muslims could learn about Islam in a meaningful way. Non-Muslims can easily understand about the basics of Islam and can learn about the Quran. The information provided in the Holy Book will be easy to understand when there is a practical experience inside the park. You must visit this park and increase your knowledge about the Quran and Islam.

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