Although each single mosque has its own importance for Muslims and even the Non-Muslims respect the religious places of Muslims but there are always some places which are exclusive among others due to any historic background or a specific story attached to them. Masjid e Jumah is also one of them. Masjid Jumah has its own unique importance for the Muslims. Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) performed the first Jumah prayer in this mosque after migration from Makkah. It is in close proximity to the holy places of Madinah, and is only 2.5 kilometers away from Masjid e Nabawi.If you have a keen interest in visiting the historic and religious building then you must visit Masjid e Jumah for a spiritual life experience.
This mosque has the space for more than one hundred Muslims who can perform the Jumah prayer at the same time. In the first Jumah prayer, around one hundred Muslims took part in it. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) relatives were also included in these hundred people who performed the first Jumah prayer in this mosque. After performing the Jumah prayer, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sat on his camel known as Qaswa, and went for the holy city Madinah. Surprisingly Masjid e Jumah has other four names which are known as Al Wadi Mosque, Masjid Ghubaib, Aatikah Mosque and Bani Salim Mosque.Muslims can see this mosque when they visit the sacred country Saudi Arabia either for tourism purpose or for performing Umrah by Cheap Umrah Packages.
It is stated by Ibn e Jarir that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave the sermon in this mosque which started from these words “All the praises belong to Allah Almighty to whom we seek mercy and forgiveness”. Then furthermore, it had many advices and golden words for the Muslims through which they can learn a lot and perform hajj with cheap hajj packages. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave the lesson of Taqwah to the Muslims in this sermon and gave them all the Islamic rules and regulations for spending their life so that they can have a good life in this world and a blessed and eternal life in the world here after. You should definitely visit this mosque to have a holy and religious experience of your life.

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